downtown, to see the gardens.


a truly lovely day.

we went to the Natural History Museum (yes, Vast Dinosaurs) to see the New Nature Gardens with our friend Richard Hayden, who is the Head Gardener (which made us feel Very Nancy Mitford touring a Friend’s Country Estate in the most delicious way).

wandering around a garden, with a notebook (we are Writing An Article which will appear in the next week or so, we’ll let you know, of course), one finds oneself saying splendid things like:

oh! that’s gorgeous – and look! a hummingbird!

which is the sort of dialogue that Fridays benefit from most.


why yes, we did make a short movie…………


you would?

bless you for saying that.

and after the Gardens we had Something To Do Downtown (further downtown than the Museum you see) and *coughs* yes, we took a few Pictures there too.


The Bradbury Building (as seen in the glorious Blade Runner)


the Grand Central Market (as seen in City Of Angels – the bit where Maggie tries to describe what a pear tastes like to Seth – the American re-working of the original Wings Of Desire from Berlin)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

chinese food in los angeles is like no other chinese food on earth – not saying it’s necessarily good but it’s completely sui generis for reasons we cannot put our finger(s) on. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

artisanal coffee makers are creeping into the market (they’re very good so we don’t mind a Bit). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and the backs of buildings remind us of Manhattan – after the Apocalypse. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

one of these is now missing because we bought it. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAeven the street art has an after-the-Revolution air downtown.

but anything is gorgeous after a morning in the gardens you see.

rose-tinted glasses – always.


how was your friday?

plans for the weekend?

do. tell.

8 thoughts on “downtown, to see the gardens.

    1. do hope you have those excellent blankets with fringing that they used to sell at Good Department Stores to have in the back-of-the-car when we were small children in england (and NZ?)

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