well hello, helmut (newton).



yesterday, who-we-are-in-RL went to the Press Preview (we ADORE a Press Preview) of Herr. Helmut Newton’s exhibition and we tagged along (because it was in the CAA building and we’re sending Ever Such Intense Vibes in their direction for our movie scripts).

back to the Pictures.



bit saucy.


but who-we-are-in-RL seems to have some Experience writing about such things and got an Arts Piece Published here:

we have No Idea where on earth she picked up such allusions and illusions and other things.

no idea At All.


we took some very nice pictures at and around the CAA building and (*shhhhh* don’t tell anyone) Inside the Exhibition.

would you like to see them?

you are terribly Kind.






OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost Eye Opening of a Morning, we have to say.

thank goodness they laid on a lovely calming Lunch for Members of the Press (even chocolate-covered strawberries – yum – and a sandwich with multi-grain bread – with a fruit salad – delicious).

let’s look at that article again


who knew?

and we thought she was just a Suit all those years.

still waters run deep.

just saying.

10 thoughts on “well hello, helmut (newton).

  1. Blimey, indeed. I don’t know what to say about the photos/art because I can’t stop being amused that someone would call themselves Alice Springs. A lovely review though.

  2. a, dang. isn’t it a shame that we have a museum dedicated to The Man here, and I live in 10 minutes driving time (or less) – and I. HAVEN’T. BEEN. TO.

    thank you.
    *making plans for weekend*

  3. The last time I was at the Annenberg Space for Photography they had pristine digital prints up of photos that had been shot for the depth of silver nitrate and I nearly blew a gasket. Please don’t tell me if this fate befell Helmut Newton… That said, I’d go see this no matter what. How fabulous, and may I say, some Suit!

    1. put it this way – we always thought Herr. Newton’s work would look best in deeply ornate and baroque gilt frames.

      and they don’t have Those at Annenberg.

      Wallis is far too Modern.

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