14 thoughts on “we have a teamgloria inc bank account!

  1. Congratulations on being doubly official – first a green card and now a shinny new bank account and the inc-thingy.

    *peersintocrystalball* and foresees lots of cheques from writing gigs and royalties flowing into your new account.

  2. it’s emerald green – *emerald*


    congrats to the inc.-thing settled. I believe, though, that’s it’s even more tedious to start a business in good ol’ Germoney. I know, it’s no relief :) just saying.

    1. we’ve heard that too.

      and every time we wanted to bitch about immigration we were reminded by friends how much Harder it is to Get Into England now so we shut up.

      the EMERALD pencil is divine. !

      you are so lovely for thinking of us.

    1. we read this yesterday and instantly went and bought a gelato to eat while waiting for the pharmacy to make up our thyroid replacement pills.

      it was delicious.

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