the reason we went to calabasas, darlings.


this week’s column is here!

so exciting.





it IS exciting.

we love meeting all these glorious new people with who-we-are-in-RL (some of them not-so-new-to-us but equally precious a meeting-of-minds-and-aesthetics) and writing about them.

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 3.52.49 PM




That’s why We Were In Calabasas the other day……

isn’t life delicious?

postscript: we went to a certain place for lunch today and sat at the same table where we wrote this piece previously (and *coughs* actually ordered exactly-the-same-thing) and the lovely waiter said:

are you familiar with our menu?

(note to europeans: they say that sort of thing in Los Angeles)

and we smiled (prettily) and said (demurely)

why, yes.


we were DYING to say –

actually we wrote a rather lovely piece about this place for Los Angeles, I’m Yours

but we decided against it.

so what we did say was:

a pot of tea (P G Tips is fine) with milk on the side please (cold, skim – you have to ask – Angelenos don’t really do hot tea) and the lovely salad with the green goddess dressing.

then we opened up a selection of poetry (thank you Los Angeles County Library Request Materials Service) and proceeded to dream of far-off places and Adventures.

10 thoughts on “the reason we went to calabasas, darlings.

  1. Well, I don’t understand quite enough I fear but always love reading your pieces and remain your faithful cheerleader.

  2. Dearest G
    Do they really say that sort of thing…. before handing over the carte?
    As though one was a intermittent house guest, who knew what cook was likely to be doing for lunch.
    How quaint and at once quite lovely.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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