a Call from the Coast [lines from mr. mamet and his movie]


how was your Sunday?

what did you do?


we got up at 6AM (despite it being a sunday – Lots to Do) and then we went back to the boudoir at an early hour to wait for a Call from the Coast.

which always reminds us of Mr. Mamet’s wonderful State and Main.

Bill Smith: It’s Marty, he’s on the coast.

Walt Price: On the coast? Of course he’s on the coast, where would he be, The Hague?


the other lines we love from Mr. Mamet’s movie are these:

Bob Barrenger: I know my lines.

Walt Price: You do?

Bob Barrenger: I just don’t know what order they come in.

which is exactly how we feel right now (in a good way).

how about you?

do. tell.

9 thoughts on “a Call from the Coast [lines from mr. mamet and his movie]

  1. Sunday night we watched Babette’s Feast, Mr. Lester – “great movie”, the Kid – “the clothes, that palette”, me as soon as the feast started to commence — well I can’t exactly reproduce the sound, but it was something of a rumble…
    Call about something bookish in RL from an island called Manhattan?

  2. Oooh, the second set of lines reminds me of the dream I had this morning right before waking up! It was your typical actor’s dream (yes, I STILL get those) of not knowing your lines or being thrown into a role at the last minute and desperately scrambling to come out ok. I was, surprisingly enough, playing the role of Sally Bowles in “Cabaret” and kept thinking, “Ok, well, I know the songs but I can’t remember any of the dialogue!” I actually woke myself up rather than go down with the ship in my dream and so have been singing “Mein Herr” all day. PS. I knew in the dream that I could no longer hit the final high note and was worrying about finding an arty ending instead.
    For your viewing pleasure, one of the finest musical numbers ever:

  3. Had some friends come around and made chocolate dipped strawberries which are the best they have been in ages – it is a vintage year due to the prolonged winter. I felt very martha stewart until the chocolate casing stuck to the plate and everyone just had chocolate stained strawberries. Oh well…

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