jake and rosie – the movie.


we had a meeting with jake to discuss the movie.


jake said he had a real thing (albeit secret until now) for the Babs and Mr. Redford film “The Way We Were”

less for the theme song

he said

more for the general ambiance and sepia-toned lighting and soft, slow unfolding story

gosh, we said

rosie – any thoughts?

rosie just ran around very fast and then did a little overbite to camera (not shown – except in the movie, briefly).

after our initial surprise (but hey, he’s one deep dog), we agreed to work on a Concept – and this is what we all came up with – a team effort – and a few tears were shed in the making (good ones).

17 thoughts on “jake and rosie – the movie.

  1. I am not sure why that was as moving as it was, but it was! Those look like two sweeties.
    If I win the lottery (granted, I would have to play it first), I would fly you to Provence to make a film for Ben and Kipling. :)

  2. Jake and Rosie you have stolen my heart. I adore you. The Way We Were! I have been afraid for years that it was very uncool to love that film. I have been liberated. :)

  3. I wept. I openly wept. I’m alone in the office. It feels like its 300 degrees (it isn’t). I left my lipstick at home. Red Wedding.

    But this made me weep.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love Jake and Rosie. “The Way We Were” – how totally romantic. That shot of Jake on the terrace standing up is a winner. Tears, indeed. Well done.

    My Truman has been gone for three years now and I still think of him daily. Such loves….

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