scenes from wednesday: burbank, warner bros, nickelodeons and milkshakes on the other table


we Must get Ready – we’re working at the photographic studio today and we need to apply the mascara-to-the-lashes and slip out into the morning traffic over Laurel Canyon.

but first – very quickly – a few scenes from Wednesday –


love driving past the giant billboards at warner brothers. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we had a meeting-with-Potential not far from here with regard to Something New and deeply interesting for who-we-are-in-RL

back past the cartoons figures……OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

looking up at the Hollywood skyline and squeezing ourselves with happiness at the new life unfolding. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

a glimpse at the table opposite as we had a very LA lunch (chicken salad sandwich on toasted sourdough with a cup of chicken noodle soup) – *sighs* – yup – no milkshake for us right now and we’re looking slimmer already (in a non-diet-way)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

put another nickel in the nickelodeon…….(we once did an audition and had to follow a fellow 9 year old who belted this out in hot pants – we were Mortified – she had a stage mother – we did not ;-)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA*sighs*

the heartbreak melodies. #perfection.

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 8.18.50 AM

and the column came out at noon!

so – all in all – a very good day.


the evening was also excellent.

there was a long(ish) walk to a friend’s house, past abandoned copies of Wired (Somebody Just Kicked Out A Geek?) and twinkle lights at twilight and a sense of deliciousness while strolling past Spanish style balconies and stopping-to-smell-the-roses (they were very fragrant – note to self – avoid thorns – at all times).

a0bafd12ce4b11e2950722000a1fc86f_7 94f8a174ce4a11e28a5c22000a1f8acf_7 3fcc865ece5711e2b4ea22000a1fbdb0_7gosh!

is THAT the time….?

see you later darlings.


lovely hair cut – is it new?

flirty curls. always a winner.

10 thoughts on “scenes from wednesday: burbank, warner bros, nickelodeons and milkshakes on the other table

  1. I love your photos. I especially like the pastels at the end. And the anti-diet, I think that must become a new trend! I admit if I went Paleo I would want milkshakes to be included though.

    Wired is one of my favorite magazines. I’m a magazine and newspaper hound. Can’t drink my morning coffee free of care if there’s a danged iPad to spill on.

    1. thank you kindly for the delicious compliment!

      yes – a fan of (some) Print here too.

      just waded through Red (British), LA Times (Calendar section for the biz) and NY Times (Home section)

  2. My curls are flirting with nothing save for a pair of scissors or a Keratin treatment because I am absolutely fatiguée with them! Not that you were talking to me…*embarrassed cough*
    Oh, you do give LA the mighty good sell, my dear. New and yet with a dance step in the past at the same time…speaking of…my goodness, Captain & Tenille on the same page as Wild Cherry? Those were some wild times, even if I was too young to understand, you see… ;)
    Off to see the column!

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