morning radio show (by us).


trying something in the way of Audio……

be Kind.


that’s how we sound ;-)

you see we recorded this Years ago (strictly speaking, five years ago) in a Professional Radio Studio in Manhattan (it was ever so much fun) and we used it as an aide memoire, of sorts, to see if we still Could Do this*

*when Much younger we did some Radio Broadcasts for the BBC *doffsCap* and Loved it – sadly it was in the days before handing over a thumbdrive to the sound technician and asking him to “save us a copy, love?” so we don’t have any record of it.



we like to talk…..

so be kind and tell us what you think.

and just in case Sound isn’t your thing (we quite understand) –

here are some images from yesterday.

we were at a work occasion near the Ocean and snuck out after to take some photographs and then again when driving back through the Hills of Beverly #divine.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand then we stayed up VERY LATE to continue editing The House On Church Row…….

3fd3a596c80911e2891f22000a1f931b_7 ab9c80f6c81611e2b2a722000aaa0952_7and finally pressed SEND at around 11PM to our Literary Agent in Manhattan (such a lovely phrase).

so today has been rather strange.

we feel a little Lost to be perfectly honest.

there’s some work to do.

some consulting agreements to Review with our attorney.

and health insurance forms to fill out (online – so modern).

Laundry (isn’t there always laundry? Oh, for a Jeeves!)

the Post Office (especially to send a Registered piece of Post to Milan – crossed fingers for that one).

more work.

then writing (but what?)

tea with a friend.

supper with more friends.

a twilight walk home………….

confession: we miss Marion and Annabelle and Simon and Lydia and Charlotte and especially Nigel (we became strangely fond of Nigel) and the rest of the characters.


quelle delicious and strange life tis this – the one of the Imagination that is.

18 thoughts on “morning radio show (by us).

  1. Multi nations in the blood; count me in. It’s why I like Rumer and Penelope Lively and others who grew up confused/enhanced by other cultures. The accent is confused too. Let’s have another radio broadcast :)

    1. alas we have no Access (right now) to a Professional Studio – we attempted to use one of those new fangled apps but the background “hiss” was not as glamorous as the BBC circa 1940…….but bless you – will think on it *putsonthinkingcap*

  2. Oh my Goodness!!!
    Sorry, I didn’t look at the photos or read anything else because I just had to run down to the comments at a dangerous, breakneck speed to say that was brilliant! And made my day to hear your (deceptively? :) sweet voice–just gorgeous. And smart as a whip. That’s…you!
    The eyes are the windows to the soul but the voice is too…
    Brava and brave you for sharing this wonderful piece.
    Gros Bisous,

  3. It’s amazing what good company fictional characters can be – and how they can surprise us ;)
    Loved your broadcast! When the Mister heard your voice he crossed to the couch, sat by my side, and had me restart it from the beginning.

    1. so keen to learn more as you bake and blog and tell us……

      we are different – the people who move and set up place elsewhere and those of us with multi-nations-in-our-blood.

      most interesting to see how many of them visit us here at teamgloria too ;-)


  4. oh, I recognise the story :)
    your voice is very sweet, and here you speak with passion and determination. looooved the british-american accent blend. and also loved the occasional little smirk ;)

    in a side note: language is much more that “just babble”, it’s a state of mind! sometimes I wake up and feel french, but german gets all messed up. or I’m all british or american but then it’s always a bad french days, so french people ask me “mais vous etes belge?” :D interestingly this affects only phonetics, but not the vocabulary.

      1. …and will you believe – still looking to use this super-power for peaceful purpose! :D

        besides: how very _british_ of you, reply in compliments to a compliment.

  5. well golly gosh, i might be more english than i realize, i take tea at the NPgallery among others and go to the serpentine about 4 times a week, critique the queens cavalry in the park when they dont go round in perfect circles and go to the theatre at least every fortnight. mind you if i didn’t then i wouldn’t bother living here! But I have an americanish accent that sounds really weird when I say things like – mate, that bloke is well mental. I adored the podcast and think it would be a lovely radio 4 esque thing if you read excerpts of house on church row – that would be glorious!!x

    1. *lookstocamera*


      that might be nice.

      or a full short story so we don’t frustrate people by only telling a bit each time?

      might. well. do. that.

      and thank you!

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