west coast portraits: Richard and Diego


happy sunday! (is it still sunday in your corner of the world?)

we had the most delicious early morning driving a little way east (not far at all) at 07:45 hours to see Richard and Diego for an 0800 hours breakfast (freshly ground coffee, slim morsels of multigrain toast with a generous spread of marmalade from a garden business we shall be writing about soon when Richard sends us the interweb-link and strawberries).

and a photo session!

you see we’ve been seeing a picture in our mind’s eye of a golden dog and his owner:

partly inspired by Heather in Arles

and also by Bill Blass (we adore Bill Blass and wrote about him, it seems at some length, here)

we had a notebook many moons ago (possibly 10? *vaguelooktocamera*?)

da_book2005note the lovely Bill Blass shot with his golden dog and also the lovely one asleep in the bed next to it (not Bill Blass, as far as we know).

now we love having a friend like Richard because he got it instantly we said “Bill Blass and his golden”.

slight raised eyebrow, half nod, smile – “oh yes……”

which is delicious.

so we popped over there today – had a light breakfast together (Diego was patient and waited, as per the rules) and then we drifted out to the back garden and took these.

aren’t they lovely?

so pleased.

Richard and Diego Richard and Diego Richard and Diegolovely.

thank you ever so much, you two.

just the sort of pictures Bill Blass would have framed (in something surprising yet vintage and possibly Venetian) we are sure.


12 thoughts on “west coast portraits: Richard and Diego

  1. Beautiful. And now doubling the ache for our wonderful 80 pound rescued mutt who captured our hearts (and often took to our beds)… *sigh*

    We were so fortunate to have her and love her for 11 years.

  2. Oh my goodness! Oh my GOODNESS! *clapping hands with glee*
    You knew that this would make me so happy and it did–I can only imagine how Richard must feel. Diego too. :)
    I love how unique each photo is–as a fellow Golden owner, I know each of those pupper expressions–and the bond between them both is just plain lovely to see.
    Thank you for the mention and the link–I do imagine that it is the only time in my life that I will have inspired in the same breath as Mr. Blass.
    And this is especially funny as I am working on a pupper oriented post as we speak!
    But they aren’t nearly as fine as photos as these…
    Thanks for the happiness, ma belle.
    Bisous a plenty,
    Heather, Ben and Kipling

  3. A little before sunrise on Monday on the West Coast and looking at Richard and Diego… at first glance I thought zeitgeist but at second glance I think soul…

  4. Darling, landed yesterday from my three weeks in Asia…and, love seeing your beautiful photos representing the divine USA….yes, Mr Blass would have been honored …. Miss this time of pure luxury in it’s finest…miss you….XX Jeannette

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