the desire to replace the faded prints of Portofino in medical establishments.


we’re quite worn out in the corporal realm – what with writing and more writing and also some Other work for other (lovely) people that requires driving through Canyons and concentration and everything and who-we-are-in-RL is doing some Very interesting consulting (which she told us not to talk about so we shan’t).


but before we head into the re-write stage of The House On Church Row this weekend, there’s a Morning in the Library (research for the next one – a 1920s Hollywood Novel) and Lots of email to Respond to (we were a little remiss yesterday) and a concerted effort to replace all the faded prints of Portofino in medical establishments.



by writing (emails, although we prefer to send cards, it might be easier to use electronic communication today) to all the doctors’ offices in beverly hills (for a start) and letting them know we have gorgeous pictures that will help people feel better when they’re sick or frightened or under-the-weather

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe *did* write to Cedars where many a movie star gets helped.

haven’t heard back yet (and it was a while ago – *sighs*)

so we’ll go smaller and start with doctors’ offices* (as we’ve met quite a few in our time).

*thank you to maria for this suggestion last night over a skim decaf milky non-caffeinated beverage and safe flight to the old country!

we love to have friends that Travel.

so chic.

and friends that stay at home and visit us via the interweb.


lovely robe.

suits you.



11 thoughts on “the desire to replace the faded prints of Portofino in medical establishments.

  1. Excuse me but how do you have my little Buddha in your photo? Oh, well, not exactly the same but very very close. I encourage your efforts to ameliorate the walls of medical establishments. My doctor has someone curate the art work in her practise and ,every time I visit, the art work is always different. And I have a friend who has the MOST AWESOME job; she organises all the art work and soft furnishings for the public hospitals in our province. Funded by public monies! I have spent enough time hanging about hospital corridors to really really appreciate the wonderful artwork she begs and borrows and buys. It’s so important to have lovely things to look at; soothes the soul. Don’t give up with that idea.

    1. you are so encouraging!

      we need to find an American version of your friend – or maybe not – as our prints are made in Australia and shipped to wherever – we are already “global”……….


  2. that’s a very good idea. good luck for the lovely project!

    if you remember my pola&helena friends, their gorgeous nature photography (and oldtimer photos too, namely two citroen DS, one of which convertible) adorns a few private practices in berlin. any patient would prefer to look at something fabulous rather than studying gross medical posters. yuk.

  3. Robe? Yoga pants and T shirt with a mirror image, in Courier print, emblazoned across the chest that a friend had printed for me which says, “you should be writing now”. As if we needed to be reminded ;)

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