Ta dah! Finished!


Writing for HOURS today.

And it’s done.

First draft of The House On Church Row.

All 82,000 words and ideas and strange magical-goings-on-of it.

Beyond tired.

But so happy.


Must have been that walk in the late sunlight we took earlier and the strong cappucino at a wondrous outdoor terrace and the many-chandeliers spotted en route.

Everything helps….

But mostly it’s knowing You are there.

29 thoughts on “Ta dah! Finished!

      1. notausgang says:

        it’s the sleepy moment after the mental delivery ;) enjoy the weariness, maybe have a nap, and then enjoy the brand new day! always to the fullest!

  1. Vickie Lester says:

    Heavens! So excited!
    And, caffeine free, so this is the real deal ;)
    So, so, so, looking forward to reading The House on Church Row!
    Say, are you reading the autobiography of Daphne?

    1. teamgloria says:

      we Knew you would spot that.

      read it years ago and suddenly felt the need to re-connect and re-read – she is glorious.

      and thank you!

      *concernedlook* #caffeineWithdrawal?

  2. George Kaplan says:

    Congratulations, dahling! Pip, pip!
    “(M)agical goings-on…”? Mr K likes the magical! We wish you the most fabulous luck but we know that with your talent “luck” is likely a sad and unneeded thing (he smarmed, oleaginously) :)
    Regards, George

  3. robinsonheather says:

    Hoorah! Oh, this is very fine news this morning. I am so thrilled for you–it must be such an exhilirating feeling!! Very excited–both for you and for me because that means you are one step closer to it being published…
    *raising my coffee cup*

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