Ta dah! Finished!


Writing for HOURS today.

And it’s done.

First draft of The House On Church Row.

All 82,000 words and ideas and strange magical-goings-on-of it.

Beyond tired.

But so happy.


Must have been that walk in the late sunlight we took earlier and the strong cappucino at a wondrous outdoor terrace and the many-chandeliers spotted en route.

Everything helps….

But mostly it’s knowing You are there.

29 thoughts on “Ta dah! Finished!

      1. it’s the sleepy moment after the mental delivery ;) enjoy the weariness, maybe have a nap, and then enjoy the brand new day! always to the fullest!

  1. Heavens! So excited!
    And, caffeine free, so this is the real deal ;)
    So, so, so, looking forward to reading The House on Church Row!
    Say, are you reading the autobiography of Daphne?

    1. we Knew you would spot that.

      read it years ago and suddenly felt the need to re-connect and re-read – she is glorious.

      and thank you!

      *concernedlook* #caffeineWithdrawal?

  2. Congratulations, dahling! Pip, pip!
    “(M)agical goings-on…”? Mr K likes the magical! We wish you the most fabulous luck but we know that with your talent “luck” is likely a sad and unneeded thing (he smarmed, oleaginously) :)
    Regards, George

  3. Hoorah! Oh, this is very fine news this morning. I am so thrilled for you–it must be such an exhilirating feeling!! Very excited–both for you and for me because that means you are one step closer to it being published…
    *raising my coffee cup*

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