it all went terribly well!



the man from the small business association was Impressed (?!) by our 5 (or was it 7 with appendices) sheets of Data and gave us a Most Splendid admiring look at the Work We Had Done.


and now we have an Action Plan.

it’s called “get a lawyer” (apparently THAT’S how you get a doing-business-in-california License-thingy)

so we’re off to “download” the List of Attorneys (lawyers) from the local Chamber of Commerce (who knew such things existed still – we thought they went the way of weekly news periodicals around the time of the demise of the Tupperware Party* and the Women’s Institute cake-of-the-month-recipe)


they both Still Exist too?


*did you have the lurid raspberry ice pops containers for the small top of the fridge freezer and the orange beakers for Lucozade too?

we also felt Terribly Grown-up emailing a deeply successful friend and asking her for an introduction to her attorney – who knew we’d know people who had actual attorneys – for business – not just for pleasure

moving swiftly on.

when we left the small business administration offices we saw this most cheerful sign and carefully remembered to take a photograph just in case you have a small boy at your house who wants to learn the guitar.


we were almost tempted to call them ourselves but our foray into guitar playing as a teenager did not go well so we stuck to Piano and Voice.


after our success at the small business association we drove back West and up-and-up-and-up into the hills of beverly where people still drink Vintage motorcars……..

and saw our friend Edith Head has a naughty little quote on the pavement on Rodeo (note the confusion around the date – Edith did not say this pithy bon mot Then – she was already cutting white cloth on the bias and draping UP There by that date).


and then we headed further up and up and up for our next meeting with friends-of-friends who actually were at Another place but we got tired and said we’d see them another time  – long story – not a particularly interesting one – the point of this anecdote going nowhere is Visual….



take. a. look.




probably the view that Quite a few Attorneys get to have in Los Angeles.


wonder if our new attorney whomever he (or, optimistically, she) Might Be.

and who their Other Clients might be (always fun to guess in this town) – maybe attorneys offices are the One place in Los Angeles where celebrities don’t go around signing pictures of themselves and putting them on the walls so we’d have to scan (like a secret agent) for clues.


feeling So Much better than at 5.50AM (yup) this morning.

and it’s all due to you.

thanks for coming.

but did you leave that crisp packet on the back seat?

only kidding.

just gluten-free cereal bars are eaten in our Prius these days.


12 thoughts on “it all went terribly well!

  1. Hurrah!
    The Dandy did tell you it would all be okay, didn’t he?
    Even without one sitting in the passenger seat.
    So know you are to have an attorney (how many tries to spell that unfamiliar word).
    We have a family firm of solicitors, been using them since my great grandad’s time… does that make one important?
    I remember having special cups for Lucozade (allowed only when one was inclement).
    All things pass, except views like that!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

      1. Indeed.

        I had call to use them a couple of years ago when in
        *A Spot of Bother* not with The Law one hastens to add but with an errant business.

        Always handy to have The Firm on tap as ’twere.

        Legally yours ever

        The Perfumed Dandy

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had lucazade in my life! And even though there are many things on my bucket list, it won’t be one of them.

    ‘They’ say, that unless you are gluten intolerant, there are not health benefits to eating gluten free. However my latest healthy fruit and nut addiction from the health food shop happens also to be gluten free, so, as Eartha would say ‘here’s to life!’ xx

    In other news I am off to explore the Dulwich Artists’ Open Studios today, unless I decide to have a nap and read the Wekend FT instead, both are culturally valid and improving.

    1. splendid! have you thought about visiting ailsam from Instagram? she’s having an open house at the Dulwich thingy – that would be lovely if you did.

  3. See? Of course it did! And you even got to see that TRULY stunning only in LA view plus my dream car (I promise you that I would learn to drive if only that could be my car).
    I do apologize for the crisp packet (balsamic vinegar flavor, I can’t help it) and for all of the dog hair too…oops.
    Hoping you have a restful dimanche ma belle…

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