blondes and apple pie.


we have had a Most delicious morning (scroll down for pictures or wait just a tiny second and we’ll tell you what transpired) and just Dashed Home to write the Column for this week’s Where Shall We Meet (we’re doing an art supply store in the Valley down the road from a early 70s pie shop – just to give you a Preview and heads up).

so – this morning – we went to the Apple Pan


this is where Marilyn Monroe and Truman Capote used to go when they snuck out of 20th Century Fox (just a few blocks east on Pico, love) – the legend is (we say that all encompassing phrase because we Can’t Find the Reference in Mr. Capote’s diary entries that we Know we’ve read about this) that Marilyn would tie a headscarf on and no one would recognize her.


*thank you to Ghosts and Garters for this lovely shot and a very nice anecdote. 

we’re pretty sure they sat where We sat this morning as it has a good view of the door but is Slightly Hidden by the coffee machine and the old-fashioned register/till (nothing has changed here since 1947 when it opened).


we came with a beautiful blonde too (of Course we were playing the part of the Writer, darlings) – Nina Vogel – known to us Arty Interweb types as “Mamzellev” (in RL, she’s the CEO of a glorious agency called Black Lodges with Mr. Steven Vogel (who weirdly enough went to the Same University as Us – not the same College – or *coughs* the same Year – but isn’t that a curious Coincidence?)


Nina is in Town for the month on business and pleasure with Mr. Vogel (their agency is based in Hamburg, Germany but they Travel A Great Deal which is awfully glamorous) and so we said “let’s meet at the Apple Pan”.

actually we need to back up a Little.

We got Introduced to Nina via the divine Miss Jules Berlin (do you recall she came to NYC and we had Tea back in December when we still lived on the Other Coast?)

and any-friend-of-miss-jules is a friend-of-ours so we said “let’s meet at the Apple Pan” (you see, it was After Julia suggested it, we would not have been so forward before). 


we just knew that Nina would understand the significance of meeting where Marilyn and Truman sat and shared an all-american meal (we split a hamburger, egg salad sandwich and a slice of apple pie a la mode) because she not only has the Right Hair (and as you know that’s Very Important in Los Angeles, darlings) but also gets the deliciousness of re-tracing Movie History on a Sunday Morning when we are both europeans and from Other Lands but the silver screen has that certain allure.

well that – and also because we Wanted to go to Chateau Marmont but it’ll be ever so crowded with rock stars and their mothers today probably having inappropriate boundary conversations over a bloody mary and picking at a buttermilk scone.

best avoided at all costs.

so much nicer to sit at the counter at the Apple Pan and feel all american and optimistic.


15 thoughts on “blondes and apple pie.

  1. Dearest G
    Truman, Marilyn and apple pie.
    How perfect.
    How very Sunday in LA.
    The Dandy is almost jealous, not a state he used to being.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. *smiling*

      well – to quote our friend george (1904 blog) – “you do read well” (and we crop pictures very tightly so you only see Beautiful People)

      tg xx

  2. Lovely! And yes about the Legend–her ability to turn on and off her Marilyness has been well-documented elsewhere but I have to say the Apple Pan is tiny! Can you imagine? *happy sigh*
    Just my type of place.

  3. haha – inappropriate boundary conversations – except mine would be telling me not to have the buttermilk scone hehe. next time i am in LA – I am putting apple pan on my list!

    Gosh imagine eavesdropping on Marilyn and Truman…

  4. it is soo incredibly great to see that you hooked up. and at such a special place also! (funny enough, my last birthday present for mamzelle v was a huge coffee table book of marilyn’s life and wardrobe).
    great pics, too. makes me happy!
    love from berlin (the air is lilac scented at the moment).

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