did Judith Krantz ever do a business plan?

…………we think not.

we just want to write-and-take-pictures *pouts*

so we stopped doing a silly business plan (there’s no Planning – one just writes – gets an agent or cleverly becomes Ones Own Press and gets the material out into the world and puts a price on it and encourages people to buy it and then Writes Some MOre and More and More and More)


(can you tell we’re frustrated?)

we were Drowning in Sample Business Plans and got Quite irritated with the questions about Product Lines and Market Analysis.

and then we thought (while admiring the Californian light filtering through the blinds)


did Joan Didion ever have a business plan?


did Judith Krantz ever have a business plan?

we think not.


did Jilly Cooper ever Complete a market analysis?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

surely not!

although Leo may have sat her down and pointed out some basic accounting before the church fete that sunday but then she just went back to the study, followed by adoring dogs, a cup of Assam and settled down to write Some More and then go Up to London to See Her Agent (over lunch, of course, probably The Ivy or The Dorchester) and hand over the manilla envelope and then the books came out (said vaguely) a year or so later and she Took The Train back to London and spoke at a lunch at Foyles.

so that’s what we’d like to do, please.

and take photographs and do a tiny bit of very nice consulting for very nice people when required as who-we-are-in-RL


and have supper under twinkle lights in silver lake with fabulous-friends-and-their-illustrious-charming-fathers and Talk about Europe and Life and work and loveliness.


check (or Tick, as the British would say) on that one then.


here’s why we’re writing this.

we’re heading to (said vaguely) somewhere Over There to meet with a business advisor to get Everything Sorted (like California business license and the means to open a bank account to deposit the bloody gorgeous book advance) and we’re Terribly Nervous he’s (we’re sure it’s a chap) going to say “where’s your business plan?”

and we’re going to say brightly:

Jilly Cooper never had a business plan, darling man.

and then we’ll hand over the 7 x sheets (we Did do Some Homework) with Financials (sort of) and Our Questions and hope he’s Kind.

being Kind is the nicest thing in the world.

like you.

You are Very Kind.



we’re Rather Apprehensive about doing this meeting as you can tell.

will you come with us?

in a virtual sense, of course (we don’t want to shock the local Small Business Administration as we all crowd into the waiting room with faded prints of summer days in Portofino and a modest sized watercooler).

oh, thank you.

that would be lovely.

we’ll drive.

14 thoughts on “did Judith Krantz ever do a business plan?

  1. But I would like to shock the SBA! Here in little old NZ we are encouraged to take our support people or whanau (family) with us whenever we have to meet with officials. It’s rather nice and comforting for us; not sure how the official, all on his/her ownsome feels about it.

  2. Oh gosh, are you sure you want me along? Anything even remotely business oriented…Well, I think it goes without saying that isn’t exactly my strong point. But if you are sure, I am there. At the very least to nod in support and say, “Yes, I agree completely” with everything that you say.

    1. we imagined you reading a novel in the waiting room while the dogs snoozed at your feet.

      it helped.

      sadly there were no posters of Portofino to gaze at.

  3. Being kind is the nicest thing in the world. We agree wholeheartedly. So yes we will go with you to that drab office waiting room & virtually hold your hand. We will even fill those pointy little cups with water for you from the modest sized water cooler when you find yourself parched.
    We will all be with you…and it will be fine plan or no “plan”

    1. no pointy cups!

      they had those lurid paper ones for coffee but we’d drunk Too Much Coffee already so settled for tap.

      but we would have poured you one too.

  4. Dearest G
    So long as you have the motor, The Dandy will be there.
    It’s been ages since he went for a spin in a real automobile.
    Now these, how d’ya call them? Business Plans, piece of cake I’m sure for a woman of your (market) intelligence!
    Just a case of knuckling down and thinking of Portofino.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

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