all you need is love and someone to help one through the bureaucracy of small business administration.



a full day.

and before we start we have a Tiny Confession.

while we might be Rather Forthcoming (here) with you……

…….who-we-are-in-RL is, how can we put this, Terribly Shy.

so You know all about the book and the exhibition and the Plans and the dreams and the Hopes but, in RL, she is very Modest and, well, hasn’t told that many people about Any of it.


you might ask….



there’s Tall Poppy Syndrome (do you know it?)

and there’s jealousy and incredulity and but-you-had-a-Proper-Job-are-you-insane?

not to mention – (gulp) – Others’ expectations (which they do hate to have shattered once one is In A Category in their minds).

so while You know all about everything (pretty much – *winktocamera*) the Outside World well, doesn’t.

so when she went to a gathering at a lovely friend’s house last night where Several were well-met-by-low-lamplight and someone said:

it’s so good to see you back!

and someone else said:

why did you leave NYC? did you get a job back here?

and she said something cute (and really quite disingenuous – we had to go and get a glass of water, no ice, from the kitchen in disgust) like:

just missed it here terribly

and adjusted the pashmina round her shoulders (the AC is sometimes built for men-who-work-out and she hasn’t Quite reached the age of hot flashes as yet…..) and did a tight little smile.


that did it.

when the Question came up again, we prodded her Hard and suddenly she started to cry (softly – it was actually pretty, not the running-nose-variety) and Told All – the book deal the exhibition, the literary agent and everything

writing and taking photographs was all I ever wanted to do.

it was very touching.

we were Rather Moved actually.

and everyone was shocked.

but Ever So Nice afterwards.

so that’s that.

everyone knows.

well not Everyone but more than before, put it that way.

it was such an emotional Freeing (as the Americans might call it) Moment that we took a long stroll back to teamgloria towers and saw lovely things at l’heure bleu and stopped outside several houses to admire the night blooming jasmine and, at one apartment building, when someone was playing Gershwin late into the night, we sat on the wall and just felt full.

have you had that feeling recently?


05eb5006b85811e29d6822000a9e0849_7 67bb18eab85611e2b39c22000a1f8adc_7

so back to what we Wanted to write about now that’s out of the way.


actually that’s NOT what we wanted to write about but we’ve found the Magic of Putting Things Here and then they sort of sort themselves out (or people walk up to us and say “this is how you do that” which is delicious and Most Helpful).

so – having a registered S Corp in NYC (teamgloria, inc) but not Living in NYC (anymore) – and wanting to Deposit one’s Advance Check/cheque (GLORIAous abundance) into a bank account but not having (yet, yet) a business license for California and taking the Check back to Manhattan but the Bank can’t seem to open the Account (grrrrr) due to location issues but the California branch won’t do it because the Business is Registered in NYC – arghhhhh.


(said in a small voice).

here’s what we’ve done –

a. told the bank we’ll take our (vast, one hopes, at some point) business ELSEWHERE if they don’t do it with the Confirmation of Incorporation Letter and 2 x tax returns filed and paid (squire)

b. made an appointment at the local “small business administration” to get Help With Forms (said vaguely and rather apprehensively because it All Costs Money).

you are lovely for listening to all that.

so we Dealt with that frustration while having a lovely day, actually.


we got up Awfully Early for a breakfast downtown with the lovely Lanie DenslowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

then we drove to silver lake to have a Photography Lighting Lesson with the gifted (and also lovely) Reuben ReynosoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

who let us take his portrait too (this is his arm). 


and this is Reuben.



and then there was More Driving and some more frustration regarding Administration matters and not a lot of work was done and we got a Blinding Headache and so did what we always do in this circumstances (well, not always, but Often).

we took the rest of the day off – resolved to work this evening (like now)

and went to the movies (because we adore the work of director Susanne Bier).

this is the Japanese official site (always Fascinating to see how different movies are presented to Different cultures and they have the Trailer) and this is the Danish site on that-strange-international-book-of-everyone-but-us.

Love-Is-All-You-Need-poster-03 love_is_all_you_need-1

we felt So Much Better after the movies (we always do).

Pierce Brosnan is splendid and Nobody wears a blue shirt with such a good effect on the Irish eyes – all brooding and broken and trying-hard but needs-love.

Do see it.

it’s Very moving – there’s illness and redemption and doing-up-a-villa-in-Italy (what’s not to love there) and a wedding-being-planned and stolen kisses and buying pretty dresses and balconies and gazing into the blue azure beyond.


we sobbed.

and not just because of the small business administration snafu with the Bank.

15 thoughts on “all you need is love and someone to help one through the bureaucracy of small business administration.

  1. Dearest Gloria
    The Dandy understands, sometimes letting go of secrets causes a small sort of grief. As though a love affair of which you alone knew is no more.
    Generally though the maxim ‘better out than in’ holds true in all things, flatulence in public places excepted.
    It does seem that some organisations exist only to frustrate. I do hope more practical sorts than I will be able to assist with sage advice.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

        1. ah.

          nothing stronger than a nice pot of Earl Grey for us ;-)

          thank you ever so much for dropping by – tis more fragrant and lovely here as a result.

          1. ‘Tis my very pleasure.

            The Manhattans were merely metaphorical in case you missed your East Coast friends.

            The Dandy’s Favourite Tipple, aside from l’eau, is oolong orange blossom tea.

            It tastes quite as extraordinary as it sounds.

            Yours ever

            The Perfumed Dandy

  2. This funny how it’s easy to tell us things but then again I have that sort of face where people tell me stuff hehe. Don’t worry your head with such mundane matters! Stuff like that works out. Just write and click away xx

  3. Oh sigh……………I have spent all day sorting out papers….for bureaucracy… and there are no films, Bald Hairdresser or otherwise in sight…….don’t even have a headache to release me. Sigh…..

  4. The Danish title for this movie is “the bald hairdresser”….that’s pretty bad. Funny that they changed it to “All you need is love”….slightly more digestable!

    1. we Completely forgot to thank Per for the via-you-suggestion of aforementioned movie.

      how funny that the Danish was a Deeply Practical title which yes, the Americans would Not have enjoyed ;-)


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