nobody’s fool and the signs and meanings of 1986



?????????????????????????????????there are movies that you can watch over and over again.

and then there are Movies that you Forgot meant so much.

until you recall a scene – balloons, chinese lanterns………but no more……..

then you remember the Name of the movie – but (in the new austerity plan) one goes onto the Los Angeles County Library interweb site and does a Search – but comes up blank.

so, chewing the fingernails a tiny bit – for some reason it feels Imperative to see it (and we don’t go for those Streaming Services) – we do like a DVD box, liner notes and a few Extras to surround our home viewing experience – we order it (used – always a frugal and yet possibly challenging result) and then – It Arrives.

we had somewhere to go this evening and so left it on the bed (next to the Christopher Isherwood diaries which the Library did have, and shelved for us under who-we-are-in-RL’s name).

then, later – rushing home – there it was.

we felt somehow Apprehensive – why?




the beginning of Not knowing what would happen next – the despair (very metaphysical in those days) – the anguish (teen-age-years-are-a-trial) – the listlessness – the lying back on the red velvet (worn) seats with faded gold paint on the top balcony of the Cinema trying to Understand the Meaning of Life (mostly through French films while smoking French cigarettes).

Nobody’s Fool brought it All Back.

firstly – may we say what Extraordinary performances Eric Roberts and Rosanna Arquette gave – heartbreakingly lovely performances.

it All came back – the Finding Your Voice through Shakespeare and manic driving followed by a proposition (not a preposition, proposition – of a Romantic Nature) and then we suddenly leaned into the screen – seriously?

THIS was the movie where we decided that wearing long-johns from vintage shops (don’t think too carefully about that) and tinting them rose pink and buying floppy-hats-with-cloth-roses was Our New Look for Several Years and that Love was all about frenzied passion and dark deep blue eyed gazes and intensity and pain and not being able to let go and all of the rest of it.





and that LOS ANGELES was the place to run away to if one wanted a whole new life.


This was the movie that changed our life.

along with all the other thousands we have watched and books we have read and late nights in restaurants solving the world’s crises and running away to Paris in a stolen (was it really or did we make that bit up?) leather jacket and black liquid eyeliner *ironiclooktocamera* (still wearing That) and Studying Everything and big dreams and small tiny steps taken each day that brought us here.

watching Nobody’s Fool and realizing how important a movie it was.

but there again 1986 was a Pretty Formative Year.


aren’t movies delicious?


just think how incredible it would be to Write (and maybe Direct) a movie that had such a place in someone’s formative emerging existence of a Life.

but quelle responsibility.


ars gratia artis

and all that.

but just think!

one could set someone off on a Completely new Path (or “look” in the case of us and the vintage-dyed-pink-long-johns and hats).

but there again (being practical for Just a second):

maybe not everyone is as Impressionable as us?

are you?

is there a Film that changed your life (or made you dye vintage long johns rose pink?)

do. tell.




18 thoughts on “nobody’s fool and the signs and meanings of 1986

  1. Dearest G
    If I must pick only one can it be Heimat 2… he claims it’s a film no matter that it comes in at over 20 hours.
    I know, I know that makes The Dandy one of those irritating types who chooses ‘Collected Works’ on Desert Island Disks.
    I will accept the rule of law if you tell me this isn’t allowed and come up with something else!
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    1. gosh.



      funny you should mention DID.

      we’re listening to the Vintage editions of Victoria Wood from circa 84 presented by Mr. Parkinson.

      she’s just picked Noel Coward “Let’s Do It”

      couldn’t be happier.



      1. Dearest G
        Of course *Let’s Do it* is a fovourite here too… but which version to choose? There are so many, I would like the longest one possible with all those apparent ad libs of endless society names one has never heard of.
        Naughty Mr Coward alluding to unreported affairs amongst royalty and aristos!
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandh

    1. *giggling*

      had to put the coffee cup down then.

      (ooo, good one – going to the Library Requesting Materials site to ask them for a Copy)

  2. This is a hard one, and I really need to give it more thought to come up with a good answer. But just thinking about it at this moment… I was influenced by a lot of movies in the seventies…movies with strong women in them…why does “The Turning Point” with Anne Bancroft come to mind? Well, I love ballet and I adored movies about women making it to the top in their careers. But for a romantic film, one of my favorites has to be “The Way We Were.” I saw it so many times!

    1. ah yes – great choices – the agony of the top of the ladder when one is a Lady (of sorts).


      coming to visit your blog – it’s been at least a Week!


  3. You were lucky – at least this is a cool film. My paradigm-shifter was The Thorn Birds, for heaven’s sake. Not, I hasten to add, that I married a vicar. But stick a blond wig on Richard Chamberlain and you pretty much have my husband.

    1. Gosh.


      Not just a film but a weekly pot boiler saga of Vast Importance.

      We saw Richard in the west hollywood post office back in January. He looks splendid. You picked well.


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