sparky, the movie.


we wanted to make a little thank you gift for barry & john (we stayed with them last week in manhattan) and so we asked sparky (who lives there too) if he wanted to collaborate with us on a short film.

he said (of course we speak “dog”):

yes – but only if it’s in B&W like Monsieur Godard‘s films.


we thought.

how chic.

but not surprising, considering the provenance of such a statement.

so we both chewed over pencils and did a storyboard and then shot-the-film and we took the footage back to Los Angeles (where Absolutely Everyone edits a film on sunday mornings) and spoke with sparky via email (yes, he has an email address – refreshingly retro actually – neither of us skype you see) and here it is!

Screen Shot 2013-05-05 at 11.30.43 AMwhat do you think?

sparky is already in a beret.

and we’re in a battered old leather jacket.

/V. Godard.


17 thoughts on “sparky, the movie.

    1. maybe we should do George, the sequel?

      with a voiceover or jazz.

      you reading. and looking out of the window occasionally at some fascinating passer by?

      just a thought.

      we’re on a roll.

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