sleepless in manhattan


we’re Here.

in manhattan.


and everyone else is Asleep.




despite being up since 4AM on the Other Coast.

and travel(l)ing for what felt like Days and Delays.

it’s Awfully nice to be here though.

we’re Staying With Friends – and we bribed Sparky to come and hang out with us while we read him a bedtime story.


he got sleepy too though, when we got past the more fast-paced action bits of The House on Church Row, and settled into a slow soft calm up-and-down-body-yawn-sleep-ness.

which is lovely.

but now we’re Wide Awake.

and realized we can’t find our glasses because they’re in the back pocket of 4D on flight 2622 from LAX to JFK.

luckily we sent out a Very Modern search party 

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 11.51.06 PMlet’s see how good their social media team is ;-)


and smiling.

it’s fun to be back in Manhattan.

we probably would have just shrugged and bought over-the-counter reading glasses at the local chemist if back on the West Coast.

but not here.

here we like to get Results.

amazing how quickly one snaps back into a NYC style attitude ;-)


I m p r e s s i v e


10 thoughts on “sleepless in manhattan

  1. Dogs can sleep through anything. I so admire that. And I do envy you a dog that will cuddle and be read to, or pretend to be read to. SO nice. XXXXXX G

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