rhapsody in blue cotton #lavieConran


an audio-visual moment for you.

first the audio segment of our program(me)


oh. for. our. own. radio. show.

and now the Visuals.


why yes.

that shade of our favo(u)rite new shirt (we bought x 3 – it’s the new uniform for this delicious climate) is Terribly Terence Conran (deliberately so). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAso there it was – our blue moment.

doesn’t everyone do an art project after buying a new shirt?




do you want to know the real reason we were feeling rather blue-hued?

well – *clearingthroat* – the medication to replace you-know-what is either Not Working as well (if it ever did) OR we’re in acceptance that we need to eat less cake more salad.

we went to the DR yesterday (new one – california-style – lots of yoga magazines in the waiting room – smiley floaty reception staff) and they did a check-up and we blanched (and not that prettily) at our Stats.


but the blue shirt looks ever so delicious.

as did the caesar salad (would any of the rulers in Suetonius’ book seriously have eaten it though?) we ate today.



as we said.

a lovely new blue shirt (or 3).

so that’s good.

for now.

btw (as the young people say) there can’t be many places on-the-interweb that get Terence Conran, Suetonius and caesar salad and thyroid medication into the same post.

apart from yours, of course.

which is why we love you.

did we mention that yet?


8 thoughts on “rhapsody in blue cotton #lavieConran

  1. Ah, rhapsodies…soundtrack pairings with photography should become a regular thing here at Teamgloria…. I fully endorse! I’ve just returned from 10 days of living in a work bubble (ie making fabulousness) in NC of all places, and am getting caught up on all things Gloria.

    Getting Terence Conran, Suetonius, Caesar salad, and thyroid medication into one post is indeed a fete, which is why WE love YOU. Don’t think for a moment that I missed your prominent display of a certain someone’s Central Park concert. ;)

    Wishing you a sunny report card from the Dr….California style.
    And yes, tis a VERY good shade of blue.

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