several hours of dark intensity @colcoa


so hard to wake up……


we got home Very Late after a Screening (we adore a screening) of a french film (don’t you adore a french film?) at the film festival in los angeles known as “ColCoa” (non, moi non plus, call the branding people) and there was a director‘s Q&A (delicious – with translation) 50d50abca72311e2a3e722000a9f09d0_7

the film?

bien sur.

Quelques heures de printemps

now we have to say that we usually avoid anything depressing (in case you hadn’t noticed) – and this includes Themes of death, family despair, unemployment, working class brutality, failed relationships, poverty and the banality of the suburbs (because we have experienced much of it, hence the obsession with chandeliers)

but if one Had to sit through all of the above – we would want it directed by this man 


and realized on screen by this man

vincent-lindonbecause Then – mon dieu – it would be a Tour De Force indeed.

and it was.

but now we are Wracked with emotion after a completely sleepless night and need to get sparkly eyed Pronto (as they’d say in La Bella Italia) because who-we-are-in-RL needs to drive to the Valley and do some work.

thank goodness we’re a virtual character and can stay quietly chez teamgloria-towers and lie down on the (exceedingly comfortable and chic) sofa and request more materials from the delicious people at the Los Angeles County Library system.


and if you were At the Directors Guild of America last night, on Sunset Blvd, yes, that was us at the front in the black pashmina and the Prada motorcycle boots asking a very-good-question about the directorial choices for the (almost) final scene where we’re dying to see the reaction shot and we-can-not and the strain is Almost Unbearable and thus brilliant because we have to imagine the response and inside our head – as Monsieur Brize said “the imagination is so powerful that the effect is tremendous” (imagine that line said in a beautiful broken french accent).

yes. it. was.

but now we are Exhausted by Emotion.

the drive to the San Fernando Valley is going to be even more surreal than one might have Planned.

14 thoughts on “several hours of dark intensity @colcoa

  1. hm. european movies still bear that mark of heaviness, don’t they? rarely made to entertain. and if they ARE made to entertain (pick any till schweiger flick) they fail in 90% – and painfully. well, today at least. older european comedies had a real charm to them. darn it, I sound like my own grandmother.

    1. it would be delicious to attend a film festival with you – let’s do Cannes one year!

      (V. Lindon is wonderful – brooding, magnificent – vendredi soir is our favo(u)rite)

  2. Sounds amazing but I only just got over the trauma of scar face…
    Will bookmark it tho. Last French film that wa funny enough so not French was intouchables. I bet you saw it… That was delicious in an unpected way…

    Movie mood hangovers are always good though xx

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