in the post and on the road and behind the orange curtain.


we’re completely Exhausted.

but very happy.

you see we woke up this morning to a Most Exciting package from our literary-agent-in-new-york (what wonderful words those are) which contained the final Executed (which sounds scary but we understand it just means Signed) contract for the Book (and – ahem – the first part of The Advance – also most lovely-a-phrase-indeed and the cash was warmly received and most welcome at this time)

5ab6826aa37f11e283e322000a9f1948_7and the rest of the day couldn’t possibly get better – but It Did!

there was a Long Drive south to beyond-the-orange-curtain (Orange County – insider joke which we’re Not sure we Entirely get – especially if it’s a pun on the former USSR because we couldn’t see Any similarities at All so if you know the joke, would you explain it to Us? darlings, you are most kind).

why were we There?

to see our Heroes of Film.

5b8d103ea3b911e2a42922000a9e51c4_7yes – on stage – please welcome:

and just because we are being Very Modern (and very t i r e d right now) – here’s the conversation that took place as described by the eager students (in the presence of the VIPS and wealthy lady-sponsors in tiger print, spanx and blonde-blow-outs – Orange County in full force regalia and may we say how Tremendous they all looked – truly – gotta love diamante-by-daylight).

btw (as the young people say), we’d like to be Penelope Spheeris when we grow up – fearless, fearless, and undaunted.

and Anne Fletcher was breathtakingly feisty.

actually the most astonishing thing was seeing that many Powerful Women on stage radiating happiness-success-confidence and a deeply beautiful sense of humo(u)r, wit and chutzpah.

it was glorious.

and we decided the freeway(s) were going to be too packed until post-rush-hour so we hung out in Orange (which had just celebrated 125 years of existence but felt ever so 1950s in a good way – all soda fountains, antique shops and sweet shops).

a few pictures?

of course.

thank you ever so much for asking, love.


it *does* look like a film set.

that’s because the clever Mr. Tom Hanks used it as one.

dontcha love hollywood?


oh. yeah.



10 thoughts on “in the post and on the road and behind the orange curtain.

  1. I just met you (blog-wise) and I’m so enchanted you wrote “a modern woman’s Book of Hours” – whimsey, good grace, and nice dose of wit in the face of adversity go a very long way. Congratulations, darling!
    Oh, and that Orange Curtain refers to the conservative/predominantly Republican nature of the population in contrast to LA.

    1. aha!

      now that Makes Sense.

      all the antique shops had ceremonial annuals of Nixon and Reagan.

      bless you for the lovely comment about The Book.

      you are lovely.

      and your blog is Truly Delicious (and tres glam)

  2. I dooo love Hollywood. Wow. That is quite a lotta fabulousness for one day!!! And you deserve every bit of it. :)
    PS. I forgot yesterday to mention how lovely your photos were…luckily they are always gorgeous, as today’s prove, so you give me ample opportunity to say “bravo!”…Book number two in the works?

    1. dearest heather – thank you – *blush*

      well the words seem to be making themselves into books more than pictures right now – emerald is being read by special YA agents and we’re 60,000 words and into the last stretch of The House On Church Row – perhaps the shop that we built last night is our mini books-of-pictures card-size or poster-size and so on – maybe a book will come later of pictures, not sure…….probably need to see how the first one sells (we’re becoming Very sensible and commercial ;-)


      tg x

  3. Exhausted here too…but nothing so glamorous as a check from a literary agent ( not yet anyway ) …chaperoned Medieval day at school, then ran a Girl Scout meeting making first aid kits. Both endeavors filled with fun. Did you know there are people who are so passionate about the Middle Ages that they make their own armor & fight in faux wars on the weekend? I didn’t….one such fellow I talked with today works at Trader Joe’s by day, but is the “King” of the “esperanza kingdom” by weekend. Who woulda thought…? This fair maiden is off to bed!

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