and then the lights went out in los angeles.

Shock! Horror!

Darlings – the Power went out and has not yet returned……High Winds in los Angeles last night…..mayhem (yes, we exaggerate – slept Right Through it – when one had bathed and applied Ponds Cold Cream and read from a novella – one sleeps, generally).

We had a most delicious day.

And stopped off at laurel canyon stores to buy sugar-free Alpen and low fat milk (still get that tiny Thrill at carrying one’s groceries in a brown paper bag, just like in The woody allen movies – the 70s era ones).

But then – upon arriving at the apartment building the gates to the garage were still jammed open and the hallway entrance spot lights were alas dimmed.

And this was pasted on the elevator/lift with stickybackedplastic (as they used to call sellotape on the BBC):



So we got supplies and Jumped back in the car and drove across Town once more to stay with kind friends.

So grateful.

7 thoughts on “and then the lights went out in los angeles.

  1. Kind friends are safer than candles. ‘Stickybackedplastic’, good grief! In what era was that? This morning I woke up to hear our morning TV host/newsreader saying “Whatev”. I immediately hid under the covers and hoped I was dreaming. Sadly, I wasn’t.

    1. it was because the BBC was not allowed (still not?) to advertise and so they couldn’t say Sellotape because that was a brand name.

      too funny.

      Blue Peter circa 1976

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