20 thoughts on “hello, byline.

  1. Sooo excited for you!! I do have two suggestions already from my side of town. Julienne on Mission Street San Marino & Cafe Fornetta on El Centro/Fremont in South Pasadena. Both wonderful & each embodies the distinct flavor of these neighboring little cities. Do come check them out & if u do…let me know so I can wave from close by!

  2. By some miracle I have three bars on my phone this morning and so can stop in to say a happy congratulations!! And that I love your sweet photo too. :)
    Hooray!! Your article looks as charming as you are. Here is to many more…
    :waving from the lavender fields:

  3. That’s really one sweet “coming out” of yours. Am delighted to witness ;) Hugs from Berlin!

  4. What a thrill! I’m a Brooklynite & read LA, I’m Yours…I love the aesthetic & quality of the writing. I wish NYC had an equivalent (that I knew of, at least). I’m so excited for you and PS: you look positively perfect on that fancy Contributors page. Yay! Can’t wait for more. xo

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