looking and seeing and relishing @cerealmag


we’ve been thinking about what people See when they look.

and we’ve realized that not everyone sees the same things at all.


we took these at 06:15AM this morning and there was something terribly comforting to spot another light on in a window opposite.

it reminded us of that moment in manhattan when we stopped to think and talk a while about the lamp in the building over the wayOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

just a few of us here are awake this early – or having emerged from slumber but not rushing to grab the beanie hat and sweats and rush to yoga on the sunset strip – just stay awhile and sip coffee and watch the sun come up and write and dream. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then almost as suddenly as one could say “milk, no sugar please” if one had a butler (a new one, obviously, that did not know one’s morning preferences), the sun was up.

doesn’t Los Angeles look like an Italian village?

it only does from this angle – but from george’s place, it looks like a Catalan enclave, at twilight. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

back to our original thought about seeing and looking and finding something Quite Different (thank goodness we made a little note on a scrap of paper before we started writing this morning we almost got lost down the rabbit hole of the interweb for a moment):

we saw someone last night (with the most delicious bouncy 1930s movie star curls) whom we had met at a brunch party a few weeks ago where we had, as is our wont, taken-camera-and-headed-out after the olives and bread to snap a few shots.

we looked at your photographs and thought “Oh! How come we didn’t see it like that?”

and we thought about it for a moment and realized it really is a (very nice) gift to see things as we do.

so we’re grateful they pointed it out.

thank you.

it reminded us of the time we were back in manhattan and sitting in a conference room (yawn) but one that had Very Beautiful ceilings (and a chandelier) and we took a picture of the ceiling (blue and gold, our favo(u)rite as you know) and someone whom we follow on instagram tagged us with a “where’s That?” and we looked across and saw that they were sitting in the same room so we texted them (all very modern, this entire conversation) and said “look up!”.

they had had no idea of the beauty of our surroundings because unless one really strained one’s eyes (and we have very far sight if you hadn’t worked that out – we can see a bus coming from the next town – we indulge in hyperbole but you get the gist) all one could see was a (insert generic name) hotel conference room.

which brings us Neatly (always) to Cereal.

with some achingly spare and elegant founders creating gorgeous pages of quiet beauty.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAa haiku of a contents expression and contributors from all over the world and we learned something (always much appreciated) and had a moment of reverie and felt the pulse slow-down-considerably while a general sense of ease and pleasure suffused our brain.



it’s when experiencing something like Cereal that one realizes there is a slow food movement of magazines and it is global and thoughtful and quite Astonishing in scope.

brava, Rosa Park. 

who sees much more than most people.

we applaud you.



6 thoughts on “looking and seeing and relishing @cerealmag

  1. Whole heartedly agree….it is what you see…not even what is really there. Some even miss what is really there. sadness 4 them. But they can c it all – just have to look with your soul & your eyes…toss in a bit of romance & imagination too for full effect.

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