you’re terrible, muriel (and that Shaz is #Mental)


we went to a Screening last night at that nice Mr. Redford’s cinema on Sunset Boulevard and saw the latest from PJ Hogan (yes, yes, Muriel’s Wedding and my Best Friend’s Wedding – alas no meringue dresses and tears or Rupert Everett or Rachel Griffiths in this one) and it was BRILLIANT.

especially the Dionysian toni collette – glorious and wanton and out of control and breathtakingly non-neuro-typical (which is a concept explored in the movie so you know it’s a special piece of cinematic discourse).

oh yes, and there’s a Sound of Music obsession that runs throughout so you know we Adored it.

but the whole movie is Rather unsettling, we have to warn you.

and pretty shocking.

in a most outrageously Australian devil-may-care-to-the-lot-of-yous Way.

mental_xlg Mental_Poster 103546 SCN_18-10-2012_MOVIES_02_Mental Toni_fct1024x630x38_t460


and then after the movie had finished and we all collapsed, exhausted, uplifted, shocked and a bit faint from the ballsy (can we say that on the BBC? *lookstocamera*) spirited outlaws on the screen, PJ Hogan himself came out, with a microphone, and did what they call in the business a “Q&A”.


3fd019f699bc11e2b53822000a1f96e6_7 7e1c117099bb11e280a722000aaa08b2_7the Q&A turned into a strange support group for people who were suffering the effects of mental illness (huh? we thought it was just a movie about Outrageous People *confused*) but we respected their Views (even if it was slightly disappointing not to get to talk about the Movie Process and Directors and P&A – prints & advertising – which Mr. Hogan said they didn’t have much money for this time so all WOM – word of mouth – is appreciated – understood).

oh yes.

this was the shocker.

Shaz (played by the totally gifted and wonderful Toni Collette) is REAL (and still very much with us and stalking Mr. PJ Hogan on that place-where-the-tweets-go).



two moments to leave you with.

we have to thank PJ Hogan for this cinematic gem.

Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 6.54.21 AMand if you know us in RL, you’ll know that This is our favo(u)rite line to use when typing-a-text-message:

you’re terrible muriel.

but that Shaz is truly MENTAL.

thank you P J Hogan for a splendid screening on sunset boulevard.



8 thoughts on “you’re terrible, muriel (and that Shaz is #Mental)

  1. you had me at “you’re terrible, Muriel” – oh how I love that film! This one looks positively charming and I hope that I’ll be able to track it down here in France. :)

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