what we’re listening to…….#singItAretha


there’s a “meme” on the interweb where people share “what they are listening to” Right Then – at that moment – when they’re writing to you.

so here’s ours. 

*shivers* isn’t it just Delicious?

and a good companion to our pictures from yesterday IMHO (do you know that one? In My Humble Opinion – #cute)


tight up against a “water feature” at a lovely lunch spot in the Valley where we Talked and Listened and laughed and felt understood and curious about what’s next and so on – the Best sort of Lunch. Thank you, Mo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the valley is alive with the fragrance of pink-gold-flutey-blooms. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

when we drive down Laurel Canyon, we always take a little peek at the houses nestled up against the hillside – what are their lives like? and did Joni Mitchell ever pop by for a glass of fizzy italian mineral water in 1967? it’s entirely Possible around here…

another track?

here’s what we’re listening to Right Now.

more pictures?

you are Terribly Kind to us.


we went through the first (gasp!) 158 pages written (that’s double-spaced for our Agent and potential Editors at Publishing Houses to read – it’ll actually be a slim volume because we adore a slim volume) and picked up some loose strands and stuff-we-need-to-expand-on and so forth. a073495897d811e2b74c22000a9f1427_7

the creamy white roses at the farmers’ market last sunday were a tiny bit too green for our taste so we thought we’d Kick it Up (as they say in fashionable circles circa Constance Spry era) and jot a little color/colour/shade into the floralness around here. f362c448987a11e2a23c22000a1f9d66_7

as you can see it makes a delightfully almost shocking accent in a almost syrie maugham paleness of room. ff5c628c981a11e2979522000a9f309d_7 and last night we took a moment to open up the horizontally sliding windows and gaze up at the hollywood hills and hear the slight plip-plip-ripple of the swimming pool in the full moon breezes and just feel completely at home and, well, Terribly Grateful.

during that reverie we turned Pandora to a station of our choosing (start with aretha and nina simone and you can’t go wrong – here’s a little nina for you, darlings)

it’s only 07:36AM and we are almost ready *looksdoubtfullytocamera* to leave the house and drive north – not far – depending on traffic – need to set out early – into the Valley to start our day.

happy friday lovelies.

5 thoughts on “what we’re listening to…….#singItAretha

  1. Ahh…a little Nina Simone is now ticking in my ear ( just inside my head for now). “My Baby don’t care for….My Baby just cares for me”….nice start to a Friday. Thank you!
    p.s. oh yes a slim volume is the way to go, much more intriguing….less is MORE.

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