OMG! #green #card #exhale


and very *smiley*

after twelve years (yup) of not knowing and being in application and trying to get new jobs and visas and build a life in LA then NYC and then back again.

it happened.

5 five minutes ago.

just had to share.

Screen shot 2013-03-29 at 1.11.39 PMand now we need to go and

l    i   e     d    o    w   n

and look up at the ceiling and

s       m      i     l     e


32 thoughts on “OMG! #green #card #exhale

  1. Congratulations!! I am really happy for you. I can only imagine what a relief that can be!
    But… wait… with this fear over, without this pain and anxiety… how are you going to fuel your writing skills???
    Just joking, of course… Breath, enjoy, savour!

  2. wow :) could not see all of WP wonders due to limited internet access from my iphone; catching up on it now.
    GREAT NEWS >>> CONGRATULATIONS! you’re looking forwards to one very relaxed and happy easter it seems :)

  3. just wanted to leave all the delicious IG people-comments here too…….to remind us what a super day that was:

    gadomres : Love! So happy for you!!!

    tigramgros : Congrats!

    missjulesberlin : champagne!!!!!!

    jane_mypeartreehouse : Well done TG xo

    iemioho : Congratulations…’re now a card-carrying Angelino!

    javiermoya : Enhorabuena querida @teamgloria ! \\o/ \\o/ \\o/

    megyud : !

    tomtomclub02 : Heeyyy!! I knew right after your early morning post it would be a good day

    lynvwills : Yayyyyy!

    masahiro_ohta : Congratulations!

    jennafain : YES!!!!!!

    1969andallthat : Willkommen,, Bienvenue, xx

  4. i am singing, dancing, doing pilates, skipping for joy with tears streaming…i am so happy for you especially knowing the ‘little’ ups and downs…now, you’re ours forever ! love you, j

  5. God Bless America & YOU my dear..welcome with open arms!! Congratulations!! We are sooo fortunate to have you. Whatever your status you are no “alien” you are a kindred spirit through & through & now red, white & blue..too!

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