a tale of two authors, both alike in anonymity, in fair manhattan, where we lay our scene


– a tale of two authors – both alike in anonymity – in fair manhattan, where we lay our scene

do you remember ages ago (more accurately Jan 25th, 2012) we were in manhattan (so the scene in your head needs to reflect January – and NYC – yes, Large Coats and hats and gloves – very good) and happened to stroll by the delicious bookshop mcnally jackson where picked up a copy (by the grand self-publishing machine) of a tiny-gorgeous-tome that said “The Paris of Fashion Insiders”

– voila!

20120124-214235of course we Swooped on it and bought it instantly (mainly because we were About to go to Paris for the Day Job) and read it cover-to-exquisite-cover.

as you know – we adore writing to authors and yet looked in Vain for a name or a website or a blog or a small shelf denoted at a chic boutique in Paris – but there was just an (aol) email address #quellevintage

so we wrote.

and waited for the secret author to respond.

they did – but stayed silent as to their identity – as did We (at that point, being all anonyme avec le silence due to you-know-what) but even under the Cloak of Disguise we bonded and shared a (tinkling) laugh and eventually Agreed to Meet.

but first, we said, we must say who we both are!




it appeared that if we had been in a Shakespearean play we would have been in quite different noble families.

for we worked at One Major International Publishing House with (then) digital responsibility for the Vision behind the 31 Harper’s BAZAAR titles around the globe and (ahem) Carole Sabas is the New York Correspondent for Paris Vogue (gasp!).

just too, too, too delicious.

so we had tea (we ate, she didn’t – she’s a Parisian) at a glorious Manhattan hotel and Talked and Talked about her delicious books (by this time she had also published the guide to Manhattan too).

20120211-161210of course being all Smart and Chic and anonymous had attracted the attention of deeply interested book publishers who wanted to make her books into new editions on Their List.

who is your agent?

we said (because people say things like that in Manhattan all the time).


because that’s what Parisians do in response to things they don’t have an answer to, which is Charmante.

you must meet ours!

we said, because we are Bossy and care-about-writers.

so – to cut a long story (well, probably not that long) – Carole met Our Agent and they Signed and Lisa (our agent) Made a Deal (just like she did for our book).

Carole’s books are now available for pre-order via the interweb in tres elegante editions!

61mik8mdK7L 71ZuS+oOAIL._SL1035_

and the Venerable fashion correspondent Cathy Horyn just gave both books, and Carole, a lovely send-off in The New York Times – glorious stuff.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 8.20.47 AM


so there you go

– a tale of two authors – both alike in anonymity – in fair manhattan, where we lay our scene

(yes, yes, we Know that sounds familiar ;-)


10 thoughts on “a tale of two authors, both alike in anonymity, in fair manhattan, where we lay our scene

  1. They look so elegant. Reminds me, just a teeny little bit, of these books which I want to own by the dozens but cannot because all funds are required for plumbing repairs. Sigh.

  2. Well, now, a little Shakespeare reference will always, always make me smile. Do you know that?
    And Cathy Horyn? It doesn’t get much better than that now, does it? :)
    *waving amidst packing for the country, including my coffee mug*

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