up at dawn and off to the flower mart.


we got up at 0530 hours and picked up george (whose idea for an Adventure this was) and  talked all the way into downtown as the sun came up over the skyscrapers and peeked into the low slung buildings bursting-with-blooms.


and Most Fragrant.


now we Adore flowers (well most specifically creamy white roses, to tell the absolute truth).

but we fell Breathlessly into the floral-accessories-shops en route back to the car and wandered happily up and down the aisles of ribbon and bows and vases and glass votive bud jars and grecian columns (3/4 size and most intriguing *lookstocamera*) and bought a small packet of corsage pins (there were black ones too but we edited those out for the shot)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we have never worn a corsage (having not gone to an American High School or appeared as a walk-on actor in the movie Footloose or one of those films by the intense Mr. Tyler Perry – these are the only places we have seen corsages), and so were most curious to see a description of How To Pin here:

Using corsage pins can be a tricky process. For young gentleman, offering a corsage before a dance doesn’t necessarily mean you should be the one to pin it. In order to make sure you pin the corsage only to the dress, and don’t poke the skin, you really should insert a hand behind the pin while you are pinning. When young ladies wear strapless dresses, this may be impractical and inappropriate. Instead you might want the young woman to pin the corsage herself, or get another lady in the house to help her with the pinning.

so now you know, darlings.

why did we Purchase corsage pins with no interest in wearing a corsage?

for the Bulletin Board, naturally!


and now we know where to go when we want to buy some 3/4 size grecian columns too.

awfully tempting.

have you ever worn a corsage (or pinned one on someone else, carefully?)

and do you have 3/4 size grecian columns?


do invite us round.

we’ll wear a corsage (pin) or two in celebration.


20 thoughts on “up at dawn and off to the flower mart.

  1. My dear friend who writes beautycalypse.wordpress.com has been pointing me in your direction and I can only say, I love what I see and read. Gorgeous pictures. Always great to discover new beautiful spots. I will be coming back!

  2. Such a pleasing post to read on a Sunday morning…I’ve been away far too long!
    I want some beautiful spring colored flowers to help battle the harshness of a looooooong winter in NYC…

    Waving from a brownstone in Brooklyn…xo

    1. your delicious comment sadly got popped into our spam folder but we went and Fished it Out and just wanted to say thank you ever so much for visiting from KOREA!

  3. As I read Michael’s comment quickly, I thought “Oh thank you, how kind,” until I realized he was speaking of my namesake and not actually…me. *sigh* More coffee is clearly needed on this rainy Sunday morning.
    And yes, I have worn a corsage once. A wrist corsage. It was…nearly down to every detail…my “Pretty in Pink” moment, save that I was all in black, including my antique leather opera length gloves…*double sigh*

    Did you really not get any flowers? Those branches? And what are the columns made of? Will they fit in your apartment? That seems something one would always be happy to own, non?

    1. dearest Heather

      a Real Corsage!

      thank you for sharing that image with us (and we were Most Partial to wearing long black opera gloves at a certain point so we are Tickled Pink – and not surprised at all – that you did too).


  4. Never a corsage, never a corset, never a Grecian column but I sure would like some of those corsage pins. But then I would have to make a bulletin board. Sigh.

  5. We went for flowers. She bought pins.
    Life with the unpredictable yet delightful mystery that is teamgloria is never dull, and always an adventure. XXXXXX

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