morning thoughts of storms, exhibitions and building a new life.


there was a terrific windy storm in los angeles last night – the windows rattled and the gusts blew – so we lounged inside, slightly exhausted from the long drive back from palm springs (a delicious Trip!) – and sipped warm milk with a chunky cinnamon  stick and watched Danish TV on DVDs (as one does).


while the wind raged outside, we remembered the Last Time we drove back from Palm Springs – do you recall? It was just-over-two-months-ago and we were driving into the city of angels to start a new life – full of apprehension about apartments and leasing cars and getting a new drivers license and setting up utility bills.

so we did what any pampered princess would do – instead of setting up the aero bed in an empty apartment with no furniture (still on the truck heading West) and no low soothing bedside lamps – we – (ahem) – checked into the Mondrian for the first night back.

and now here we are: 06:57AM, los angeles – in the apartment – with almost All details smoothly-sorted to build something quite fresh and new.



fueled gently by lovely cups of coffee from new orleans.

so – we just looked online for some mention of the storm last night but old news is not good news in Hollywood – unless it has a cultural crisis attached – so while we could Not find anything about Last Night – we did find this delicious headline for a similar storm last year.

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.18.44 AMisn’t that just the Most marvel(l)ous juxtaposition?

we love it here.

Life is unfolding slowly.

sometimes Not in the way we thought at all.

but deliciously.

and in its own sweet way.

which is perfectly fine with us.

for now we book our Next Trip – to NYC – May 1st – if you’re in Town too – to stay with the lovely B, J & sparky (thank you ever so much, chaps) while we open The First Picture Show (gulp) of our photographic Work. *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-22 at 7.45.18 AM


5 thoughts on “morning thoughts of storms, exhibitions and building a new life.

  1. My goodness, if I had such a cozy looking bed I would never, ever leave it! Perhaps the vintagey looking clock tick-tocks loudly enough to scoot you along…?

    Two months have gone by already? Isn’t that something? Have a wonderful weekend, pretty one…And yes, good things ahead for you, of this I am sure…

  2. When the windows fly open in the middle of the night, it gets your attention. And it was not Peter Pan coming to take me to Never Never Land, unfortunately. Wendy? No, just windy.
    And my dear, just think of all the adventures to come. Welcome home,

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