writing in a bistro.


well. well. well.

who-we-are-in-RL got Pretty Bold today and wrote something on Her blog (*sniffs* don’t you go Defecting over there, sweetie) because we told her if she wants to join us in being Tickled Pink about writing again, she needs to, you know, admit it.

so she did.

and we raised an eyebrow (archly and well-groomed, naturally) because it was actually rather affecting and she was a bit Overwhelmed after writing it because she is Used to talking about the whole geek-mode of the past (ahem) few years instead of Writing (we talk about it endlessly but that’s Our domain – literally).

it’s here, just in case you want to pop over There and take a look.

we’ll wait.

she’s rather shy in real life.

not that many people know that.

the accent is somewhat disarming and covers up for a great deal of inner turmoil apparently.

while she Wrote, we amused ourselves by reading more delicious vintage books from the Library and taking photographs of the creamy white roses, just blossoming gorgeously, around the apartment.



don’t you?

so after she had finished writing her sweet little treatise on how she became a Writer we took her out to dinner to celebrate at a small parisian style bistro (with nice American-trained-smiley waiters) near where we live – all dark blood red walls and vast vintage Orangina posters from the 1950s, ladies with Large Hollywood Hair and suspiciously real fur coats – considering this is Southern California and gentlemen with real Tans who probably used to hang out with Sue Mengers by the pool).

when the owner’s cousin (Cookie) came by to chat to us at the end and said “What do you do?” (she said it in French but we weren’t concentrating) we suddenly had to swivel our head in the cloche hat (we wear it when we dine) and gasp because you-know-who said.

Je suis écrivain

we gave her a little tickle and she pulled the soft Dior-gray/grey/ pashmina closer and looked quite adorable.

Cookie took our card (it has both Her site and teamgloria.com therein under the titles of [real-life] and [virtual] which was Most Definitely Our idea – and people always do a nice little smile when they see that) and said she would invite us to Events at the bistro so we can meet a deeply glamorous Hollywood Francophile crowd.

Isn’t that delicious?

a big day.

and tomorrow we’re driving into the desert (Palm Springs) – so excited!

so much to celebrate.

who-we-are-in-RL is getting a Little more comfortable with our new Life, it seems.

of course it’s because of Us – not just teamgloria – You! *smilinggentlyviatheinterweb* too.

we Overheard her saying to someone the other day “Oh, well, that’s gloria, she just sort of took over.”


like she didn’t get to have a say in it.


7 thoughts on “writing in a bistro.

  1. Beautiful. <3
    Am amazed how much I find myself in all of this. Differently, maybe with but ethereally similar background, different "brand" of shyness, different approach to writing and to admitting to it, different path to a different story yet danced all the same…
    The postapocalyptic knight is but a part of me. And she's the avant-garde of my BIG adventure.

    I will support your adventure ardently.

    Hey Heather! ;) Yours, too! <3<3<3

  2. This is such a MOMENT! Your stars have aligned and you’re creating the future you’ve always wanted for yourself. As I think Gloria would say, most delicious! And much deserved. xo

  3. Gloria is not the only one giggling! Hoorah! Well, this just made me bubbling over with happy. How could it not?
    “Je suis écrivain.” Wow. I don’t dare. I still say “journaliste spécialisé dans les voyages au long cours” even though that isn’t…quite…the truth anymore. But you have every right to say that you are a writer. Because you are. In your bones.
    Have a lovely time in Palm Springs.
    Oh and I have said this before but I fully believe that when you put your intentions out there in such a clear way, something will come of it. It may not be direct, but something…

    1. Heather – you are So right.

      Sometimes one just Has to open up ones arms to the sky and give in and see where the Adventure goes next……

      You are a lovely creative soul. So much emotion and thought in the work you show us at your place nestled inside the interweb. ……

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