care and feeding of the soul: roses, friendship, fresh tomatoes and blood red oranges.


feeling very grateful and sprightly this morning – settling down to write early before the day begins – a large mug of strong coffee to hand – blood red oranges from the farmers market on the counter for a mid-morning repast, tomatoes getting all silky and juicy with sea-salt and olive oil in the fridge (another find at the farmers market), palest creamy-white roses (again, direct from growers, at the market), a Conference Call at 10am (proper grown-up psyche prepped for that) about a digital Project (#weadoredigital but #onlywhenitdoessomethingUsefulandBeautiful) and then………well……..there’s lots more…..but the Muse(s) call (it feels like there’s a lot more than one as we have So many disparate characters in The House on Church Row) so We Must Write!

see you later, darlings.

for now – some photographs and perhaps you can feel us smiling out of the window across the power lines and the clever 802.11 beams through the interweb and waving (in a non-scary way, of course) through your own digital device.

if you were here, of course, we’d offer you a coffee – there’s a full pot on the burner and some 1 per-cent milk in the fridge.

wouldn’t that be lovely?


not with the coffee cup aloft this time ;-)


17 thoughts on “care and feeding of the soul: roses, friendship, fresh tomatoes and blood red oranges.

  1. can i please jump into this pool? like…. NOW?????
    (still snowing here!)
    love and waving (in an excited pool blue lover way not caring if people find it scary ;-) )
    xxx j.

  2. I can almost smell those roses and tastes those strawberries. Perfect after a lonnnnnng day, and before (I hope) some serious zzzzs.

    2900 words in two hours? (How do you do it???)


    1. Oh *exhale* thank you D. It feels so delicious when someone wonderful like you gets a sensory shiver of delight from the pictures. So glad they Transmit.

      Writing? Compulsive, fast and it surprises us too ;)

  3. Beautiful :) Almost like looking over your shoulder (in a non-scary way, obviously).
    Wondering what you use for writing… Obviously a MacBook; but what software?

    1. *smiling*

      love that you use non-scary too ;-)

      final draft for screenplays and good old MS word (literary agents read everything in that) for novels…..

      and you?

      1. intense people need to wave the “non-scary” flag at times ;) at least in the www; in real life it’s less media, less misunderstandings.

        I’m using MS word for all journalistic writing and Scrivener for creative. apparently one can use it for shorties, novels, screenplays, radioplays, and speeches as well as for academic work, the latter I haven’t tried yet (my uni paper was typewritten ;) olden days *smirk*)

  4. Happy writing. Hope that the muses are singing straight into your ear straight down to your fingertips!
    I would happily join you for that cup of coffee and wouldn’t even bother you–I would be content to just prowl around the few books that you do have at hand at the moment. :)
    Your contentment at being back in LA is palpable…

    1. Dearest Heather

      We would write Most happily with you in the next room :)

      It almost feels like that already.

      Wrote 2900 words in two hours and feel Quite lightheaded.

      Tg xxx

      1. Julia IS right. The gods they are a talkin’ through you! I don’t know if I could literally type that fast, let alone write!
        But I do know that I write my fastest when I am happiest with what I am doing…then out it comes zooom and I don’t look back. :)

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