quelle brilliant brooklyn.

so darlings we’re Quite Converted to brooklyn.

had Such a delicious day here – the morning was all taken up with a Visit with a deeply sophisticated friend (we met firstly in a cafe with a chandelier #weadoreachandelier) and then to admire their nouvelle 1930s white spare glorious pied a terre avec the manhattan skyline from the kitchen window *gasps* and had Ever such an inspiring conversation throughout…..most needed. most appreciated. most Kind.




isn’t it gorgeous?

so dreamy.

there were a few hours that were spent in Manhattan this afternoon – but we cannot divulge Those (as yet) – but there was talk of trim size and publication dates so One Might be able to guess as to Where we were.

But back to Brooklyn!

and for some delicious peace and quiet and a ticking clock in the kitchen and a cold blue sky from the window with soft light on parquet flooring near the bannisters upstairs and daffodils on the polished table and lots-and-lots-and-lots of books and yes, in a moment, a cup of tea too.

thank you B & L for looking after teamgloria.


Brooklyn is Rather Delightful.

and very good for shattered nerves after the medical experience of yesterday.

now Let us just take one last Look at That View of Manhattan again:


can’t you Just imagine waking up Very Early and slipping into a soft cotton robe (in eau de nil, perhaps – or bitter dark chocolate suede with a Contrasting Trim) then walking slowly (and elegantly) to the kitchen to brew coffee (one would need to grind the beans fresh, of course, with a view like this) and perhaps climbing out onto the fire-escape and hugging one’s knees and watching the dawn rise over the emerald city?

such an inspiring view to write in front of.

deliriously happy to have seen it.

and the hushed elegance of the apartment that bears such a Vista ahead.

15 thoughts on “quelle brilliant brooklyn.

  1. I admit to being a Brooklyn virgin… Though ever since Miranda moved there with Steve and Brady (and Scout and Fatty)… yes, I know they’re fictional, but they’re quite real to me… Where was I? Yes, ever since then, Season 6, I’ve been curious to see / visit.

    And some of us love a #colonialstylechandelier as well. It’s those New England roots. They mix well with French, you know?

    Actually, coffee and a journal on any little balcony with a city view is sublime.

    Waving northward!

    1. we’d Completely Forgotten about Miranda moving to bklyn.

      yes, that was a Vast shift in the manhattan consciousness.

      yes. indeed.


      and *waves*

  2. i think, i need to go back to NYC. hehehehe! :)
    haven’t made it to brooklyn last time.
    (thank you for giving me another reason)
    xxx j.

      1. yes, very careful :)
        blogpost about the story behind the tattoo is currently in the making.
        please give NYC a kiss from me.
        are you done with all the medical tests? i do hope so.
        xx j.

  3. I love Brooklyn. I lived on Bergen Street far, far before it was the Frenchie zone that it is now in a lovely apartment with a fireplace (!) and a communal terrace. Alas, it was broken into twice in one week–and I arrived home just in time to see the gent walking away with my television the second time around. What I was most upset about? He stole my all time favorite Docs!

    Sorry for the self-absorbed ramble. Enjoy your time East pretty one… :)

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