hello from 17C at 37 thousand feet, darlings with the delightful @virginamerica


yoo hoo!

up Here!

yes – flying above you (if you’re reading us in any of the States that one flies over between Los Angeles and the East Coast seaboard where manhattan lies.

we are going to be in town briefly – until friday – doing Medical Tests (immigration requirements – don’t ask) and seeing a few Friends (alas, not many) .

oh – yes- and Signing The Book Contract *blush* with our literary Agent and the lovely representatives from The Publishing House (quelle fun!)

before we left the Other Coast (and slipped into a waiting black towncar) we drove our flowers over to George’s apartment so he could enjoy them for the rest of the week.

here they Were chez teamgloria…..


and now they’re over the other side of Town.

must dash!

landing soon.

a lovely flight.

lots of writing done on The House On Church Row – some Rather splendid things taking place.

Quite surprising turn of events actually.

we didn’t expect them at All.

but that’s what happens when the Characters take over, darlings.

now we Must find the coat we borrowed and hat, gloves and general East Coast Attitude before we land.


we Almost see Land.

and people wearing head to toe black with sunglasses and long wrapped around scarves.


hmmm, looks cold. *shivers*

we’ll do our Best.


Screen shot 2013-03-11 at 3.18.52 PMflirty ;-)

no more than we’d expect from that naughty Mr. Branson.


10 thoughts on “hello from 17C at 37 thousand feet, darlings with the delightful @virginamerica

  1. i wish you a great time in the city i deeply fell in love with last december. especially while signing the book contract :-D
    (but why did you have to borrow a coat? what did you do with your coat… i assume you had one when you lived on the east coast? -sorry for being so curious. but this part of the post disctracted me so much.)
    have a great time and lots of photos please <3

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