well, Bonne Anniversaire, to who we are In Real Life.


is it that time of Year already?

March 9th (we won’t make her blush by saying the year) is the day that who-we-are-in-real-life celebrates her you know – Birthday.

of course it’s not Our Birthday (because we celebrate April 9th which is when we were allowed to start writing, publicly, here, on teamgloria.com) but we Do Indulge her because she gets Rather Excited about today on account of increasing years to become what’s she’s always wanted to be since the age of 9:

“femme d’un certain age”

she’s not There quite yet (mainly because Catherine Deneuve is the gold standard in this respect and she keeps increasing the upper limit, refusing Point Blank, to be anything Other than Still Glamorous and feisty and eyebrow-raising-irony French).

while she got all excited and sipped coffee and responded to lovely (how modern) text messages next door, we did Some Research.

it appears that there are Other people born on March 9th too!

and they all have something of a deeply creative and big eyed fringed with dark lashes (mascara or not in the case of John Cale) Appeal, it seems.


Kim Tae-yeon from Korea #weadorethewondergirls – watch this!

and then from La belle France – Juliette Binoche – and there are many beautiful heart-rending movies made by La Binoche but we love Jet Lag (Décalage horaire) most of all. url-3

John Cale was also born today (in a Welsh mining town – such a long way from there to Here.)


and then, of course, of course, there’s VITA.

so there you go.

a Deeply Creative Bunch born today.  viewer-1

William sent a Marvel(l)ous Card. viewerwe’re going to lounge here just for a while – it’s only 0746AM in Los Angeles, darlings – we shall amuse ourselves with the Letters of Truman Capote, slip into the dark embrace of caffeine and perhaps nibble on (just) half a grapefruit.

there are plans ahead for the day – we’ll tag along and take photographs just to keep her amused and indulged.

although we’d Like to Point Out that Last Year we were in PARIS.


as we recall – we ordered Room Service (yes, we were at Le Bristol – with the Day Job and being all secretive and Still Anonymous) and just “happened” to confess it was our “anniversaire”……..the door was discretely tapped on again a few moments later and VOILA! Un Gateau!


but naturally we’re Tickled Pink that we’re in Tinseltown.

plus half a grapefruit for breakfast rather than Un Gateau is probably more suitable for (almost) un femme d’un certain age.

but there will be Milkshakes later.

we’ve been Promised.


as who we are in RL is Increasing in age, as teamgloria, n’est ce pas, we’re Perpetually 28, naturellement, so we can afford to be Gracious ;-)

25 thoughts on “well, Bonne Anniversaire, to who we are In Real Life.

      1. Good grief! Truly amazing. A little word from Vita which made me smile “…I should have no hesitation at all about ruffling the front garden into a wildly unsymmetrical mess and making it as near as possible into a cottage garden…” from Cottage Gardening in New Zealand by Christine Dann (Allen and Unwin) I think Vita must have been ruffling in my front garden!

  1. Happy New Real-Life-You-Year! May it be filled with joy, and love, and luck.
    Sending love across the globe!

    1. Благодарю вас очень много – просто хотел посмотреть, как она выглядела на русском языке

  2. happy birthday once again*** can’t say it too often, i guess!
    also sending virtual roses, kisses, hugs and little fairies who sing you a german birthday song — i know that sounds odd and it probably is, but hey, it’s your birthday!! anything’s possible <3

  3. Lovely Vita! I have a 1st edition copy of ‘The Edwardians’ – I will recite a passage or two from my balcony a’ la Anthony Blanche in your honor tonight, just as the sun begins to set and the wildest colors are highest in the sky.

    1. Dearest Aubrey – we swooned at the idea of you proclaiming a la Mr. Blanche.

      “My dear, I could hardly keep still in my chair. I wanted to dash out of the house and leap in a taxi and say, “Take me to Charles’s unhealthy pictures.” Well, I went, but the gallery after luncheon was so full of absurd women in the sort of hats they should be made to eat, that I rested a little–I rested here with Cyril and Tom and these saucy boys. Then I came back at the unfashionable time of five o’clock, all agog, my dear; and what did I find? I found, my dear, a very naughty and very successful practical joke. It reminded me of dear Sebastian when he liked so much to dress up in false whiskers. It was charm again, my dear, simple, creamy English charm, playing tigers.”
      ― Evelyn Waugh, Brideshead Revisited

  4. Happy Birthday beautiful one! Hooray!!!
    I love birthdays. Enjoy your milkshake(s). :)
    Here is to a year ahead full of adventure but also gifts of certainty…creativity and wisdom.

    *Sending Gros, Gros Joyeux Anniversaire style bisous*

    1. happy birthday to you, happy birthday my birthday girlfriend, happy birthday to you !

      always, your new york girl, jc

      1. you are Most Kind and lovely!

        looking at our gift from London (which arrived in Paris) last year – it’s now here in L.A and still absolutely beautiful…..thank you.

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