planning for the exhibition…


as you may recall *looksquicklytocamera* – we Did mention this, non?

we have An Exhibition.

isn’t that glorious?

just checked in with the owner of the cafe/artSpace back in SoHo *blush* NYC and we Are Agreed on the materials therein – just waiting now for extra permission slips from the people-in-the-portraits so they feel comfortable being stared at through a lorgnette or two.



so – as it stands – here are the Pictures Chosen *blush*

Screen shot 2013-03-04 at 10.09.31 AM

the landscapes will be printed Large (as posters) and commercially available (the polite british words do still amuse) – the portraits will be smaller (11 x 16 most likely – still discussing this With Our Printer) and given as gifts, after the exhibition comes down, to the owners portrayed.

so exciting.

more nearer the time.

it runs throughout May 2013 in a small cafe/artSpace in NYC.



31 thoughts on “planning for the exhibition…

  1. Congratulations! I couldn’t be more excited for you. This is so much deserved. And I’m not sure in what ballpark “commercially available” is, but I’m certainly in the market for some compelling art and photography for my apartment. The walls are currently quite sad.

    Could your return to the Big Apple also mean we get to enjoy tea and a book store stroll?! Crossing my fingers…

  2. congratulations! and love how you put in the lorgnettes. /me pictures maggie smith examining :)

      1. oooh merci beaucoup, the right thing to lend an ear to before going to sleep (23:01 berlin time… bit zzz…)

          1. i’ve never been there, but i will certainly check this place out. it’s in a good location.
            keep me posted if/what he replies ;)))

            1. hey, miss jules – it’s actually a perfect antidote to the granny place! :D I know this Oslo Kaffeebar thing, we’re been doing a fashion shoot a couple years ago in the neighboorhood (in the park) but I never managed to return.

              madame TeamGloria, it’s beautifully scary how your ethereal pathways mix with our real… *goosebumps*

              1. give Benjamin a hug then (you’ll need to remind him he knows us in RL as a “digital cousin” or he’ll look confused at the gloria-ness ;-)

                crossed fingers. he said An Exhibition Might Be Possible.

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