(even more) curiously fascinating spirits on the interweb….


“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.”
Anais Nin

aren’t there are So Many Fascinating spirits out there on the interweb?

– and we’ve been meeting many of them through the Questions that we’ve all been asking each other in this virtual masked ball of an evening-that-stretches-into-dawn.

and here’s another delicious person-1courtesy of Ms. Beautycalypse who brought her to the party all the way from the ancient lands of where writers lie on a chaise eating ripe peaches.

we’re going to re-read her responses carefully and then go and Visit all the people she suggested (virtually, of course, it’s still 07:30 hours in the morning over here in Los Angeles and we’ve not applied the non-toxic gentle face cream from Boots The Chemist that comes in a little pink pot).


and now we must Breakfast and then look vaguely at the electronic diary to see what the day holds after the dark embrace of caffeine and something remarkably healthy like a grapefruit from the weekend farmers’ market.


we always feel so Rested and ready-for-the-day after an evening listening (some classical, some lyrical-whimsical early Rickie Lee Jones or BBC Radio 4) while sorting and pasting and thinking and remembering and recording for posterity and feeling grateful for what-has-happened and remembering not-to-do-that-again and generally reviewing and feeling good about The Adventure so far.

Some people call it scrapbooking, apparently.

but we’re in Very Good Company if that’s true.



7 thoughts on “(even more) curiously fascinating spirits on the interweb….

  1. Beautycalypse (though I keep wanting to transform that moniker into beautycalypso…) – Quelle découverte – and what fun! (You’re a terrible influence on #allthingsplanned now out the window….

  2. You are in very fine company with scrapbooks. Cecil, of course, but also Cole Porter, Dorothy Loudon and many others, whose creations are now in the NYPL. Loving you from the east side, XXXXXX

  3. Oooh, Beaton. My is that expensive, however.
    Dearest tg, it is wonderful how this little award has blossomed into something else entirely, isn’t it?
    Gros bisous ma belle…

  4. am delightedly listening to Abandoned Maskerade (D. Krall) while reading.
    oh chance, you’re a fascinating creature…

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