heather’s expat gold from france and a magical afternoon into evening in silver lake.


we will post later.

but for now, we’re still glorying in Heather’s responses to the encircling-nature-of-the-Questions we’ve all been asking each other recently.


especially her references to the Duckman, expat gold (glossy pages) and songs of aching pain and longing and gloriousness.


these Q & A have been a virtual dinner party for us recently and we’re Tickled Pink by learning more about you delicious friends via-the-interweb.


very moved.

talking of glossy pages – we found a stack of vintage Gourmet magazines in a thrift store in silver lake yesterday and poured over them at our desk this morning as the sun tickled the back of our neck happily.



and then we cut out bits we loved and squished them together inside the pages of the moleskine 147 (actually another brand but equally gorgeous)viewer-3 viewer

there were spring flowers in jars at the diner yesterday and we sat at the counter and wrote because there’s nothing more delicious in the World than sitting at a counter and writing in the afternoon. viewer-1

then we went to Yolk and watched as the lights were turned off on the magical creatures that live there (until someone special buys them and they go to live somewhere else).

this is a very cool place to Live.

isn’t life delicious?

13 thoughts on “heather’s expat gold from france and a magical afternoon into evening in silver lake.

  1. Oh so glad that you did like my little responses. I did think that you might appreciate the Joy Division reference. Do you remember the gorgeous photo on the cover?
    Wishing you a wonderful day in LA.
    Sending big diva style bisous to you!

    1. You took us Right Back to university as a friend called James (but we called him Kate because he had a small portrait of Kate Bush on his door) had a life-sized poster of that single which covered a whole wall. Breathtaking angst and beauty and possibilities of art that could change your soul moment when we saw it.

  2. Hello Gloria:
    We are absolutely thrilled to have discovered you via our mutual friend Heather in Arles and through the lovely comment which you left for us on our latest post. Yours is such an eclectic, energetic and exciting mix of topics and tittle tattle that we really must come back for more. When we have finished writing this comment we shall seek ways of following you wherever you may lead!!

    All power to team gloria….we are your latest groupies!!

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