feeding the soul – how do You keep it all sparkly and satisfied and smiley?


up with the lark (pause: are there larks in los angeles?)


a full day ahead.

will post later.

but will leave you with a Question……

How do You feed your Soul?

because this Moment of Gloriousness in words and thought and Images arrived at the Library yesterday (as per our special request – such a delight to be able to ask for Treasures from throughout the entire Los Angeles Library du monde des Grands Livres.)


And we have been in heavenly reverie ever since.

Do. Tell.

Books, movies, art, a long walk, a bubble bath……….running away to the circus?

See you later.

Have a simply (or Rather complicated) divine day (if you’re entangled in some Fickle Finger of Fate).

quick UPDATE:

if you’re feeling *blue* at all – try this link – gasping-for-air-at-pink-hued-beauties.

Screen shot 2013-02-23 at 9.32.20 AM

7 thoughts on “feeding the soul – how do You keep it all sparkly and satisfied and smiley?

  1. When I’m exhausted and starting to burn out, I try to hide in the mountains. In the pays Aude, to be precise. A little tournée en Provence soothes body and soul.
    And daily meditations, twice a day (or more often) help the soul fly more regularly and more lightly. I will write about this, too. Quite soon :) Bonne nuit.

  2. i’ve never tried “running away to the circus” but all of the sudden have a strong image of it in my head. me living in italy (why italy?). sick of my life, running away. hitchhiking (never did that either). a circus wagon picking me up and then…. just leaving. gone. driving into the sunset. learning to ride on the back of a lion and to make the elephants dance with me. and never returning to where i came from….
    ((oh, i think, i just fed my soul)

  3. The long stretch on the 3rd floor (I think) at Beaubourg, walking by Baselitz and Basquiat feeds my soul. One galerie in particular, in the Marais, feeds my soul. Paris, walking, feeds my soul, which is feeling all too depleted at present – no doubt for lack of Paris, Paris, Paris.

    In a pinch, The Museum of Modern Art in NY or the Folk Art Museum would do – but hélas – as unlikely as Paris at this moment.

    By the way, I”m impressed that Heather has begun responding to your questions. I am delinquent. I will claim Cold-From-Hell, rampant insomnia, and #assortedOtherMatters stealing my energies by way of excuse. Mais je n’ai pas oublié.

  4. Mr. Penn. *long exagerrated but heartfelt sigh*
    And one of my answers to your question would be: yoga.
    I have not answered your other questions yet but will soon. Am looking forward to it. :)
    Am NOT looking forward to the evening ahead of me. Une soirée à théme (there is little more than I detest than that) whose theme is “Soiree chic avec detail qui choc.” Please stop giggling, it isn’t funny! I believe that in actually showing up (and having made several quarts of hummus as promised) is shocking enough, non?

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