at the request of dear aubrey…..


quelle surprise!

dearest Aubrey sent a billet doux on a white charger through hill and dale and via the moors and over Laurel Canyon and down into where we reside with a Nomination for a liebster blog award-ness.



now Aubrey was Nominated by some delightful powdered wigs and deposed heads of state so we Rushed to accept the nomination and be in such Illustrious Company.

Screen shot 2013-02-20 at 9.10.31 PM

apparently there are Certain Rules:

Give thanks

Tell 11 things about yourself –

Answer to the best of your ability the 11 questions that are asked of you.

Nominate 11 bloggers for this award – let them know too, please –

Ask the above nominees 11 questions of your own, or use the questions you were asked.

dearest Aubrey – a heartfelt thanks – truly. For your kindness in nominating teamgloria but also for your virtual visits and kind missives left therein.

The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.
Mr. Wilde

11 Facts about teamgloria

1. we were hot-housed (educated with flashcards in at least two languages and sent to school at 2.5 years old – in a Very Fetching dark navy pinafore which we remember liking Very Much)

2. we have about six different names – heritage one (never received), christened one, later one, much later one,  2 x pseudonyms (one needs to stay anonymous and teamgloria)

3. we can read the naughty bits in Juvenal in the original Latin.

4. being a vidal sassoon hair model in London in 1988 got us a walk on part in a peter greenaway movie.

5. Sybille Bedford is our favo(u)rite writer.

6. nearly every cool job (and scholarship to boarding school) we have ever got has been because we Wrote A Letter.

7. our middle name (in RL) is Simone (after de Beauvoir and Nina)

8. we once interviewed fashion photographer David Sims over a tuna melt in Diana’s Diner near Covent Garden.

9. we wrote the cover story to one of the final issues of Punch (founded 1841) magazine (before it got revived again, and then closed for good – so far).

10. the college colo(u)rs at the University we went to were purple and green (Suffragette colours)

11. we have the same birthday as Vita Sackville-West.

and now……..To the Questions (from Aubrey)!

1        Why did you start blogging?

we needed a cloak of anonymity, a connection with others who had experienced similar terror and a place to express how frightened we were at getting a diagnosis of three tumors in our throat and a surgery date ahead.

2        Do you find that you usually prefer the book or movie version?

always the book (actors never look how we imagine the characters did).

3        Are you wearing jewelry now?  Bonus points if a parure is involved.

we just removed our sapphire studs to write, actually.

4        Name five places you would never want to visit again.

vegas, peacehaven, amsterdam, queens park, elephant & castle – for various bad memories in our story.

5        Ocean or lake?

ocean – pacific, please

6        What is the first book you couldn’t live without?

ballet shoes by noel streatfeild – we suddenly realized that there were People Who Wrote Books and didn’t go to school/work and we wanted to become one of them.

7        Are you one of those bloggers that believe that people resemble their icons?  Do you, for instance, think that I am wearing a periwig and holding a star?

absolutely. (we are never without a virtual cloche)

8        If you were alive in 1902 would you be tempted to ride in one of those new car-things or would you prefer to continue driving your four-in-hand?

a car and a tiara and a devil-may-care attitude.

9        Which actor has provided you with your favorite rendition of Sherlock Holmes?

benedict cumberpatch

10    You’re getting dressed for work.  You open your closet and find your clothes are not from this decade.  Are you happy about this?  What decade do you hope is represented?

1930s with suitably restrictive underwear.

11    Have you ever mixed a cocktail – for either yourself or others?

only in 1991 when we were paid to do so.


that felt Revealing.


we are going to come up with 11 new questions and nominate the following blogs!

11 questions: 

1. candles or spot-lights?

2. how many books do you have next to the bed?

3. when did you last read in a cafe and what did you eat?

4. when did you set up your blog and why?

5. what was the last film/movie you saw?

6. what was the first single you bought?

7. chocolate or cheese? discuss.

8. do you identify with any of the characters in Pretty In Pink? If so, which one? And – still?

9. Maria Callas or Madonna Ciccone?

10. you’ve been invited to (where?) for supper – name the 11 other guests (alive/passed-on/haunting-you-still)

11. is there a meaning to life? do you need one?

and the blogs ARE = teamgloria *opensenvelope* the Nominations Are……….*drumroll* (by the way, as this award is more of an Expressing of Love than an Actual Award and ceremony that requires a new outfit/diet/flirting for, we are ignoring the original rules which are that the blogs one “nominates” have less than a certain number of followers – as everyone knows, one never asks a Lady or a Gentleman their Age of number of Lovers so these are just the writers we admire because we want to hear their answers…….)

1. 1904

2. lost in arles

3. daily plate of crazy

4. just add attitude

5. three times yes

6. filling in the blanks

7. beautycalypse

8. miss whistle

9. get mummys purse

10. coffee and cardigans

11. killer femme

please say yes and write your responses (read the rules up top again just to make sure you feel comfortable with everything) and let us know when they go live!
thank you, Aubrey – this was illuminating and slightly bashful-making.
night, darlings.
stay warm on the East Coast.

21 thoughts on “at the request of dear aubrey…..

  1. So happy to be included. I will participate, I will, I will! Once a few things get moved off my desk and I can enter the blissful space of daydream-land. xoxo Loved your answers. All so perfectly YOU, of course. I wonder if mine will reveal my refracted personality? Please weigh in once I’ve answered.

  2. I just love this! Like Aubrey you evoke mystery so I was glad to read these responses.

    (Also WP mysteriously unsubscribed me from the blog, bad platform).

    1930s garb with suitably restrictive underwear, I so agree! A message from the east coast, please allow us to reintroduce you to the Atlantic someday. I know it’s bone chilling but it can also be a charming friend if you have the right guide to private beaches and tapas bars.

  3. you’re amazing. but wait, you already knew that, right?
    the hardest part was to pick and to inform the nominees but the post is going online soon.
    love and light and blessings, n x

  4. You are too deserving of my poor admiration!

    Also – you live altogether Too Close to me: we must meet!

    Have you ever seen Aubrey’s illustrations for Juvenal? So elegant and rude! And while we’re at it, have you read his unfinished epic ‘Under the Hill’? You must!

    1. how could one forget such naughtiness (much passing around at Boarding School) and then his chapter headings: Chapter III
      How Venus supped and thereafter was mightily amused by the curious pranks of her entourage

      we shall meet.

      but not quite yet.

      we are still Very Shy and settling in……

  5. yes yes yes!!!
    thank you for nominating me, i feel honored and blessed.
    honored because i am in such a wonderful company. and blessed because it gives me the opportunity to get to know you (and my fellow blogger friends better).
    … and i TOTALLY see you in a 1930s wardrobe. (actually would LOVE to see you dressed like that).
    will do my best to follow the rules.
    sending love from winterland*

  6. Well your responses are divine. (And make me smile that little Mona Lisa cryptic upper-lower-what-is-she-thinking smile.)

    I am not quite sure how quickly I can answer these, and I don’t think I can pass them along to eleven (Seven Eleven or Oceans Eleven or otherwise), but I will answer them sometime soon (promise)… and I will pass along the privilege to a few less, bending the rules a bit myself. Not quite into pretzel form – perhaps a braided bread instead?

    Such brilliant company! May I borrow Heather’s blush?

    One of the very very best parts, naturellement… new destinations to visit and new voices to discover! That’s always heady stuff.

    Bisous et merci…

  7. *blushing*
    Merci, ma chere copine.
    Am heading out to the country with the puppers but will write up my responses for tomorrow’s post!
    Gros, gros bisous. Love that bright light of yours.

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