a wall of memories and a view of dreams.


just a Very short post as we’re in between washing machine then drying cycles……*slightlypaniclooktocamera*

#sigh – oh for a Jeeves!

Very Good Jeeves Volume 1

and (looking at that lovely audiobook image) for a 1930s pied-a-terre and a snazzy pair of purple socks with black shiny lace-ups too, actually – that would be splendid (or Topping, as Bertie Wooster, would have said).

we digress (*looksnervouslyatalarm*) and just have 7 mins before having to Dash Downstairs to the Laundry Room (which is actually very nice and bright and has a window which looks out onto the paparazzi who are hanging around – must be someone Famous staying nearby – this is Most Definitely L.A, darlings).

we moved some furniture around today because we wanted to create a Picture Wall – or a wall of memories with:

* some of our articles from when who we are in RL was a Journalist in London, England

* a few landscapes (from our camera lens, not paintbrush) from the book – we thought we could rotate them in and out so at the moment there’s Hong Kong, Norwich and Madrid facing us as we write reminding us of So many things we’ve seen and So many hours of Jet Lag. 

* recent portraits

* one or two portraits from (a long time) before we came to the USA

* an original LP (that’s a Long Playing Record for the young people) of Edith Piaf’s Chansons Parisiennes (we’ve never actually played it as we don’t have a vinyl-playing-machine but the LP is still in the beautiful rendering of a map of Paris and a flirty gendarme from when we found this treasure at the Lincoln Center of Performing Arts Library Sale.


and then there’s also a few other esoteric ephemera from our Travels and Travails to numerous (and numinous) to recount.

so here it is!


we’re Ever so Pleased.

and it means we have re-orientated the table so we can see this View every time we look up.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAdoesn’t Los Angeles look Rather Tuscan Village at twilight?

so – darlings – hence why we called this post thus:

a wall of memories and a view of dreams



the Laundry Calls.

see you tomorrow (by the way, lovely to see you, as always)


18 thoughts on “a wall of memories and a view of dreams.

  1. You are too kind to our Los Angeles landscape, I am afraid. Perhaps it was the time of day and you caught the city in a fit of Mediterranean gold.

    Anyway, I do love your wall arrangements! How lovely to look up from your work and find your modes for dreaming right in front of your eyes!

    I’ve read some of the Jeeves and Wooster books – tried so hard to memorize Bertie’s lovely ’20’s slang. I wish I had the opportunity to say that I ‘bet my chemise’ on a horse race, or a Kings game.

  2. Your wall looks splendid—like I said on Instagram, you have such an eye for these things! I was so glad to get a little extra Gloria in my evening last night. :) She always brightens things up.

  3. Bonjour. As Heather said (the arlesienne Heather) – love the ribbons! And it’s always a good idea to have a unique little gallery. Those b/w shots are very elegant by the way.

    As for Jeeves. I’m afraid I’ve never read ALL of that. But does WATCHING Jeeves and Wooster (aka Fry and Laurie) count? A little bit?

    1. it *does*……….but the audiobook versions with martin jarvis give a better impression of the sheer genius of Plum Wodehouse…….Fry & Laurie were a bit undergraduate larking around

  4. Beautifully done. I am particularly fond of the use of ribbon for the French chateau style hang on some of them and of course, your photos are wonderful. It shows that you have the utter confidence of your subjects, no mean feat.

    I love the new view and all of the soft shades of the light.
    Wishing you an absolutely wonderful day ahead,
    PS. I have somehow never read Wodehouse. I know.

    1. gosh.


      no Wodehouse?

      but there again – unless one grew up in That Country, it’s probably impossibly odd to read ;-)

      no coincidence that Plum (for that was his nickname) decided to live in America for most of his life…..

      1. No, no my Mom loved all of Wodehouse and I have always meant to. I do believe I will love it, when I get around to it. Puppers healed and behaving and all of that.
        And tg?
        You don’t have a record player? Really?
        If I were one of the wealthy, I would surprise you with one arriving by UPS tomorrow morning. I am not but will you trust me when I say that the sound is beyond compare?

  5. …and how lovely to be enjoying both with a little Piaf. :)
    I’ve just been catching up with you dear- all so exciting!
    And kudos on the arrangement, it looks just lovely.

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