tea and kindness at The Ivy and taking pleasure in shiny objects.


we made a mistake On A Form and waited for five-and-a-half-hours to find out that it was ok.


we didn’t know that it Would be OK.

or that we would know that it was OK after five-and-a-half-hours.

but here’s what we did in the Meantime – which helped.

(memo to self: look Awfully carefully at Forms in the Future).


we organized all the silverware into two empty (sigh – yes – the dark embrace of caffeine is still a feature over Here) cafe du monde coffee cans.

isn’t the orange cheerful?

and doesn’t it go well with Le Creuset tea pot that Greg brought us as a house-warming gift?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

someone called to say thank you for something we had done and we felt a surge of (humbling) Pride that we Are Indeed Useful (always nice when one feels destroyed by one’s ability to fill in forms correctly). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

and then we took a Long Walk in the sunshine to get exercise and appreciate our surroundings and generally Tire ourselves out so we Didn’t Think About the Mistake On The Form (!).

this is a magical place – it’s off La Cienega and when we wandered into the courtyard we realized it’s a Theatre – and not just Any Theatre – it’s been there for a long time (since the 1940s) and many have graced its stage including the late Mr. Charles Chaplin and, next week, the strangely-coiffeur-ed-and-naughty but never tardy Mr. R. BrandOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

we were very Hungry by this point as we had Walked Far (relatively speaking – especially for L.A when one is Not at Runyon Canyon on a hike post-yoga and pre-Pilates – we have never actually done this as everyone that hikes Runyon Canyon seems to have just done and been about to do both sporting activities) and so slipped into The Ivy (dark glasses and a British Accent and a broad Smile snagged us a table without A Reservation ;-)

at this point we were Still Mortified by the Problem with the Form (sorry we can’t be specific – not that we’re sure you’re dying to know – but it’s just too, too, silly for words).

and then the sun came out (metaphorically – it had been shining gloriously all morning but We were under a very black cloud).

somebody broke through our bad mood and showed us real kindness.

we just sent them a thank you letter so we best not say who it was and anyway aren’t anonymous random acts of kindness quite the nicest things?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

when there’s no one around to scoff – we like to check the horoscope – and this one made us wide-eyed and spookily alert.

so we did just that – we Stared Down the problem

and suddenly (not kidding) we got an email that said Everything was OK (re. the form issue).

literally at that moment.

isn’t that magical and makes you want to believe in horoscopes all over again?


after an omelette and a pot of tea (reminds one of Elizabeth David, non? with a different beverage, of course) we popped next door to look at the beautiful Objets as they say in France (scroll down to see what just had to come home with us).

alas, no, not a Corona.

and this was in another shop entirely.

but we had to take a picture of it because we just had a fancy that this was a typewriter that was used by someone like e.e. cummings (who used a Corona, apparently) or Hemingway (we assume This one was Not owned by either man as it might Not be in the window of a shop on Robertson in Los Angeles).

then we walked back down and around west hollywood to watch a seagull soaring over the Pacific Design Center/Centre. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

marvel at giant cacti.

in england, one only saw cactus in small brown plastic pots. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

much later on, we returned chez teamgloria to arrange a still-life of today’s Finds from Indigo Seas (and a picture of Jean Harlow in a slinky-satin-gown that goes awfully well with the shimmery pearlized shell, non?)

a closer look at Ms. HarlowOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAand the final tableau.

deep exhale.

we must thank Heather who listened patiently from France to our Panic this morning via email and sent excellent Advice.

sometimes it’s Very hard being this sensitive.


do things Overwhelm YOU?

do share.

we’d like to listen.

what do you do to ameliorate the panic and fear and confusion?

do you drink tea at The Ivy and buy pearly-shiny-things too?

before you go (as we can see you have things to Do) – we heard something super from someone Wise last night.

I used to buy things I didn’t need.
With money I didn’t have.
To impress people I didn’t like.


ain’t That the truth.

but not today.

not today.

the shiny-object was well within our financial purview today and was to impress no one at all (although we hope that you enjoyed the photographs of it – we thought of you when we took them – and when we bought it, Actually – you are very good to share things with) and it was Entirely Necessary to make us smile.

which helped with the whole Form-issue.


thanks for listening ;-)


4 thoughts on “tea and kindness at The Ivy and taking pleasure in shiny objects.

  1. This was a wonderful, wonderful way to start my day. Thank you! Whew. What a beautiful walk came out of it–not to mention lunch at The Ivy! I think that the shell was a very wise purchase just right about now for lots of different reasons…longevity…beauty without artifice…and sure, Harlowesque.
    Sending you big fluffs of bisous on this Valentine’s Day…

  2. my mother had just such a pearlised shell in our bathroom growing up in the 1970s. You have made me feel most nostalgic.

    Re forms: I think you need a certain type of brain to fill them in correctly. I have 3 degrees and I still find them hard to get right. Do not fret we are all overwhelmed from time to time. Just don’t think about it and you will be back to a state of whelm equilibrium.

    1. Jane!

      you are Most Kind to stop by! especially as you’re in Australia so we’re assuming it’s very early in tomorrow morning for you (although it would be Today for you as we understand it)

      we love that your Mum had a shell too.

      ours is settling in very nicely.

      see you on Instagram!

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