inspired by others.


are you having a delicious saturday?

are you Trapped Under Snow on the east coast?

we saw the live-picture-feed via the interweb of the Nemo Blizzard.

Peter showed us the View from his Room (which, coincidentally is where we took These)


Eleanor sent word of walking-through-the-Blizzard.


elsewhere: george shared a Most Interesting link to NPR’s program(me) on Balenciaga.


Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 10.01.33 AM

D gave us something Saucy to muse on……

Heather all the way over the Ocean (not that way – that way – across to La Belle France) introduced us to Kipling, a beautiful new soul.

miss jules berlin wrote about a video which left us bereft at the idea of digital-memories-disappearing into the Ether beyond.

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 10.00.09 AM

Julia (don’t forget to say it out loud with a Y – miss jules is over there in divinely-decadent Berlin so “Yulia” is the sound you’re looking for) Inspired us to think about the memories we have Kept (moleskines, scrapbooks) and also the inspirations we recall from other’s blogs and tweets and ideas – the sort of experience that was nigh on impossible before the interweb (unless one wrote Very Regularly and had a strong and trusty charger able to fly across mountains and dales to deliver missives sealed with wax and love).

thank goodness we have retained physical manifestations (and not just the Scar) of our own memories (vive la scrapbooking).

thank you mr. moleskines for your loyal and sometimes challenging but Always interesting companionship.

url-4url-2 url-3

url-1and (very nearly) fifteen years (selection shown on the sofa from before-we-left-new-york) of scrapbooking memories and what we in-the-trade like to call MATERIAL ;-)

as Phoebe Ephron said:

“Tragedies of your life one day have the potential to be comic stories the next.”

or at least something good to read on a journey.

I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read in the train.
– Oscar Wilde

isn’t it amazing?

one can lie here – in perfect comfort – and travel around the world being Inspired by all one’s fellow companions-on-the-interweb without having to apply mascara and look vaguely presentable.

viewerhow delicious.

who inspired you today, darlings?

and were you wearing mascara when it happened?


17 thoughts on “inspired by others.

      1. Thanks Team Gloria – there are many delicious shops in Dublin filled with vast arrays of gorgeous things including Moleskines. Indeed I have some. What I think is amazing about your collection is that they are filled with notes-on-a-life. Maybe I should start scribbling. Waving and sending good wishes from a rainy and covered-in-mist Ireland.

        1. not all of our scribblings is worthy of re-reading sadly ;-)

          wishing you many happy hours of recording memories.

          love the pictures that you take (do you print out and retain in a volume? that’s always lovely to do too).

          1. Thank you and thank you. I don’t print out my pictures at the moment but it sounds like an excellent idea. Asks self ‘Are my tech skill up to connecting up that dormant printer’

            Wishing you tons of luck with the Emerald book.

            1. there’s always snapfish ;-)

              cheaper than printing out one’s own pix as they buy paper in bulk and make ever such nice “sloppy” borders and do matt et al.

              just an idea…..

  1. as i am not able to reply anymore to your comment on my site (why) i will just answer here. thank you for the meg ryan suggestion. never heard of that movie but will look if i can find it. and also looking forward to have that “recognizing paths”-experience that you had with tiergarten :)
    (maybe i should walk down the street where they shot “run lola run” for you one day. i’m sure you watched that one? xx

  2. I love it here. Perhaps you have already inked that idea but it is true.
    Thank you for the mention of Kipling and D’s thought made me a bit teary. Most especially the beauty and kindness part, something you seem to have down pat. She does too. Not an easy feat.
    Near the very, very top of the “things to save in a fire” are my Moleskins from when I was working as a travel writer in exotic places. Oddly, I never used them for my journals so they are extra special. Easily located on the bookcase, just in case.
    I will look forward to seeing “Yulia’s” memory links, perhaps when I am in a less sleep-deprived state!
    PS. looks as though you are already putting your library card to good use…?

  3. How delicious and lovely of you… (I’m always inspired by your chandelier pictures, and Heather’s new Kipling is my Mad Yearning Love right now, even from afar…)

    Thank you for all these wonderful places to visit (and the Link Amour)…

    About to fix my hair and put on a little mascara of my own, and meet the day in a slightly girly style (while gazing at Northeastern images sent by one of my sons)… Beauty and kindness, always inspiring.

  4. i did wear mascara just now. i did. and it was not a waterproof one.
    feeling happy and blessed*
    on many more insprations <3
    xxx yulia ;)

    1. PS. Julia, I am perhaps of another generation entirely but I have never known what that 3 symbol means? I don’t even have the first part of the equation on my French keyboard. Would someone be so kind as to explain? If appropriate?

      1. dearest heather,
        it is a heart that is lying on the side (if you flip your laptop, phone, maybe not PC though to the left, you will recognize it) :-)
        sending love from berlin*

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