an evening that ends in icecream @neveuxcreamery is super-sweet-ness


Our friend Greg came to stay (he’s in Town renewing a Visa to Foreign Lands for business Trips).

So there was a very chic (i.e. French) housewarming gift….


A swift tour of our building (and the backlit underlit Pool – very LA)….


Parus for supper (get onto sunset boulevard and keep going East – rather appropriately)…


Followed by Delicious icecream at Neveux Artisan Creamery with unbeknownst combinations that totally worked like strawberries and balsamic or honey and lavender or rosemary and butterscotch or blueberries swirled with creamy chevre.

Very sophisticated and incredibly swoony.


6 thoughts on “an evening that ends in icecream @neveuxcreamery is super-sweet-ness

  1. Mmm…I do have a penchant for odd ice creams. There is a new gelateria that opened up the street from me. You have to ask what off the menu flavors they have that particular day–beet and cucumber were my favorites so far. I missed out on their holiday offers of foie gras sorbet and the like…next year!

    So happy you had such a lovely evening. Well-deserved of course.
    Have you swum in your pool yet?

    1. Heather! Beet(root)? Curious……

      Why yes. The pool is filled with sunshine most days, late morning, so depending on tasks and timetables, if we are here, we Do Swim and pause at the far end to smile up at the sky.

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