did you have a delicious sunday?


Do. Tell.

A delicious sunday?

We did.

In fact it was one of those sundays where we had to Stop for a moment and *giggle* because it was Exactly the sort of sunday that we Imagined when we were very small.

Not as small as this (we are 2.5 in this one)


But maybe not long after…..

The sort of sunday where we woke up with the sun – prepared Tea and Strawberries for a fellow Writer friend (this being George.)


And he arrived bearing incense from an ashram (naturally – this Is California, darlings and fragrant gorgeous incense it is Too).


Then we both sipped tea, delicately enjoyed the fruit and talked a long while…


Before heading off to the Farmers’ market where we purchased salad greens and more delicousness for Later.


And en route au Casa once more, we saw a chandelier!


Now the reason we had a picture to hand of us as a small person is because there’s a Meme going around.

No – this isn’t some strangeness – it’s an idea/concept/interestingness going around the interweb where people tell #5curiousfacts about themselves and then “Tag” others to take-up-the-baton (small sporting reference – rare, for us, we know So little – it took a phonecall with Barry on the Other Coast – for us to find out why everyone at the supermarket last night was frenzied in Buying Of Potato Chips. Apparently they go down well watching large men in vast shoulder pads pass a ball back and forth while someone sings the national anthem – curiously enough)

We digress.

The Meme.

So Here Is someone We tagged who shared her factoids + most excellent they were too.

And Here are ours.


Would you join us?

In the comments or tag us on instagram and we will come and say hello over there.

But if you put your 5 Curious Facts below we would be Thrilled.


We adore Factoids.

Don’t you?

They are particularly appreciated on a sunday.

12 thoughts on “did you have a delicious sunday?

  1. So enjoyed reading this! The descriptions appeal to all the senses. I’ve never had strawberries and tea, but I have had strawberry tea. The smell reminds me of my artsy years in college.

  2. While I am thinking of something Marvelous (might take a while) and Curious (not so long) about myself, I will say that this past Sunday I continued reading ‘From Russia With Love’ with a large fluffy Russian Blue mix purring on my lap.

      1. (WP ate my comment, I hope to recreate.)

        love the word factoids. factoids! would make a great mints name. “factoids – bloggers’ choice!”

        ok then in medias res, shall we? 1. I read very fast (and got an unforgiving memory), so I’m able to consume books like snakes eat prey: swallow, then digest in delight. I think it’s great because there’s a lot to read. 2. I live in a time zone of my own, that’s why I’m often late. 3. I’ve sported all hair colours one can think of, except green and blue, and all hair lengths. 4. As a kid I hoped to become a knight or at least a gentleman when I’d grow up (blame the books!). 5. A nickname I give a friend ALWAYS sticks.

        1. We adore your factoids. Especially the bit about dreaming of becoming a Knight. We often thought we would have looked well in dashing armo(u)r. And even better at King Arthur’s Table.

          1. oh yes, the armour dream! gosh, where have you been before!? :D
            as far as I remember, the only dangerous female hero (in books) was dumas’ milady winter. this got me hooked on villains. was very unhappy as she got executed. but yet – it took four guys to do that *makes a victory sign, but grumpily so*

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