happiness on a friday.

We are Dashing out, darlings…….

Just three pictures (and a repeat with a slightly different filter/filtre/tone).

But such a happy day.

Lots done.

Tasks and so on.

And then time for lunch (thank you Gym) on a Studio Lot (don’t you just Adore a Hollywood soundstage with grips and electricians and gruff directors and harassed producers and winsome starlets and Everything?)


More driving. More admin. More setting-up-a-Life…….

But always a moment to Appreciate the past (this is one of our pictures from previously – as in 1992 or thereabouts…….no, not of Us – we took it – smuggling an abandoned wardrobe/closet into the back garden – don’t ask – we don’t recall – something about lighting and shadow perhaps – and dressing up our friends in black with stunning eye make up – just a touch of powder for the boyz).


More editing (we have written a YA novel – fingers crossed).

And then tea with Eric Shaw Quinn.




Do watch his Show. It’s splendid. And very witty.

And isn’t that a Gorgeous silver milk jug?

There was a chandelier………next time.

Love being back……..

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