a deeply fashionable lunch at Towne with Lanie.


So much excitement.

A Lot of driving.

And a lovely Lunch with the splendidly fashionable and elegant Lanie Denslow who is not only head of her own glamorous world-international-consultancy but also international director of the fashion institute of design and merchandising most popularly called FIDM.

Where they have a splendid statue of a Veiled angel as if on a moonlight night in Venice at a masked ball.

Most glorious.


We met Lanie many years ago when we asked her to Tea (yes – an early los angeles part I teatime letter! )

And we have become friends.

Which is delicious.

Especially when Lanie picks restaurants that have Extremely teamgloria style Decor.

We went to Towne. And there were not only chandeliers but a Montage of flappers in cloche hats and Clara bow lipstick pouts and Everything. Look!


Could one Ask for a more gloriousness? We don’t think so….. Loving being back. Thank you, Lanie.

6 thoughts on “a deeply fashionable lunch at Towne with Lanie.

  1. Well, that just sounds absolutely wonderful. Thank you for including the link to the restaurant. Yes, I had to pop over before responding to read the menu, I am foodie like that. I would have had a very hard time deciding and so would have been the annoying person who holds everyone up while she hems and haws. Especially if I had such a collage in front of me. Actually if that were the case I might well be lost in such a reverie that I would let the waitperson (politically correct) simply choose for me. They always know what is best anyway.

    And Lanie seems like quite the glamourous friend to have, tg. So happy for you that you have such wonderful people to help you get settled again.
    *flinging bisous*

        1. Exactement. We agree. Especially if it’s that most delicious poilane (sp?) or a just-popped-into-wax-paper ficelle and handed over with a slightly gruff “voila!”

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