finding roots. and places to buy roses.


slowly, slowly, but surely, we are Settling In.


buying californian produce and stuff-for-the-house (sometimes it is a little disconcerting to find new suppliers for everything that we Love to have around – roses, satsumas, incense – but little by little we ask People where they buy theirs and we start to find New Places that fulfill our needs). IMG_0146

now This is not currently on Display (usually it lives at the L’Ermitage, in the Writers’ Bar, just off the delicious creme and caramel shades sitting room with-fire-area where we Take Tea of an afternoon).

but we’re including it here (from an earlier trip – before We Moved Back) to celebrate that we sent out a whole pile of Proposals for Tea To Agents (with a synopsis of our screenplay – called – winningly, we think – gloria*) this morning.


the secret to success (and Deeply Curiously Interesting meetings) is to write a few letters each day – and then – this is the important bit – seal the envelope (we prefer a ink stamp with vintage car as a final flourish) – and go-to-the-post-office.

we’ve been doing this since…….



since we were 9 years old.

for that’s for another Time.


it works.

and we’ve always got work – projects – contacts – and delicious anecdotes galore to share out of such Letters.

we’ve been doing lots of driving at Night.

because Los Angeles is magical at night.

(doesn’t the Radio antenna remind you of that last’ish scene in Rocky Horror, darlings?)

here you go:


and the other insight we can share with you is that getting up Very Early and doing a Lot of Writing and answering emails and responding to East Coast queries and special advisory Matters is the Key to enjoying Life on This Coast.

because if one greets the Dawn over here and does a Lot of work Very Early in the Day.

one can go and Play.

which we love to do.

because life is meant to be glorious.

especially if one Pops into the Beverly Hills Library and starts arranging one’s things (neatly) and suddenly someone comes around the corner and says, “Oh my god!” and smiles at us and we realize it’s someone we Knew from New York who has just moved here too.

both of us in the Library.

by the Bach sheet music in red leather bindings (just in case you’re here too and want to pop upstairs and see us).



deep, lovely sigh.

how’s Tuesday in your corner of the World?


7 thoughts on “finding roots. and places to buy roses.

    1. thank you D – it is actually harder to build a life here than we thought but all is being beautifully unveiled and revealed if we just stay in the light ;-) thank you for visiting us – it means the world.

  1. I just returned from a week of working in Las Vegas and sorting through miles of unread emails…and getting caught up on all things Gloria….including a screenplay named Gloria!
    How delicious- and exciting!

    There used to be a fabulous flower shop at the intersection of Crescent Heights and Melrose, directly across from Fred Siegel….I worked there in another life. See if it’s still there.
    Finger crossed and good vibes out there for proposals submitted!

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