we went to a marvel(l)ous photography workshop….

……..and met some deeply Interesting people – all with Huge Cameras (we felt quite shy with our delicious but petite Olympus Pen.)

the course was given by the very Talented (and witty and sweet) Lindsey Baumsteiger who showed us many of her own delicious photographs and we have to say that After a couple of Hours, we Promise never to turn on the Auto-Settings again.

we feel supremely confident adjusting Shutter Speed and Aperture (and saying both camera settings with a little insouciance) and even saying the phrase “well of course one could shoot a full moon using the Bulb Setting but one would need a tripod, naturally” – not that we’ve ever used the Bulb Setting before – nor, actually, did we know it Was There – but such fun – can’t wait to Venture forth by the next moonlit evening.

so thank you, dear, Lindsey.

the irony of having a book deal without knowing the camera settings when the aforementioned book has almost 60 of our own original shots is a Bit Shocking but oh well. (as soon as the Contract is Signed – our Agent is on it, we are allowed to do Nothing until she tells us which is awfully nice – we like being Talent, for once – we shall share “Pub Date” et al, we promise) .

so these were shot using Manual Settings!


Moleskine #146, in case you’re curious.

yes that Does say “Los Angeles, Part II” – a tiny bit Shakespearean ;-) *smiling* well, sometimes Life Is Rather Theatrical (scroll down for details). OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

the photography workshop Venue was not awfully photogenic – but this was not far away – and much nicer. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

ah, the Oceanic air. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

amusing to see how every-second-person-had-a-yoga-mat in santa monica, yesterday. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAfrom Wholefoods.

we smiled all the way through the aisles, filling our cart with produce and incense and artisanal soap.


and now back to today.

we had Quite a few Tasks to do.

but we appear to have entered a magical sense of occasion on this particular monday.


  1. stood behind A Famous Actor in the line/queue at the west hollywood post office and the lady-from-texas behind the counter had a small fainting experience and Forgot to give him All the stamps he needed (he did have 50 parcels and No Assistant to be seen) so we offered (graciously and with eyes downcast so we didn’t stare and yet still acknowledged his beauteous presence because Actors Like That) to let him back to the Counter to complete his transaction. He smiled – in a very Priest-like way – and said he would wait. We were so surprised by the lack of an assistant (for him – we are Constantly surprised that we don’t have one anymore but that will change at some point, we’re sure) that we Almost Offered to help stamp his parcels but we are Terribly busy so had to dash off and phone someone Special back in NYC to tell her about our experience-at-the-post-office-over-on-this-Coast.
  2. we saw another famous personage while we were Looking at Lamps the other day – she was charming – so much fun seeing them in their natural habitat outside of Brooklyn where so many appear to live now.
  3. at Brunch this morning, (at a venue that has appeared in many a Bravo special we hear), we got talking one of the Charming people in Charge and told him about the Book (he did ask) and Tobias (well, it’s hard to talk about the Book without mentioning Him) and suddenly he said (no, not Tobias – he’s gone and on a white slab in some Lab back in NYC we imagine or wherever they put such offending and yet Life Lesson providing items) – “Who’s doing your Movie?” Just like that. As if that’s Exactly what people say here (and they do, it seems, with unnerving regularity). And we didn’t know Quite what to say. So we smiled and said we are meeting Agents on this Coast at the bequest of our East coast Literary agent and he immediately started reeling off names of Useful People and gave us his card and so we dutifully wrote down names – and then looked them up and they were most definitely Kosher and so we will be giving a call.
  4. oh god, this means we get to say, “Mr. X said we should give you a call”.

Just like in the movies. 

it’s not even noon and so much has happened already.

feeling quite *faint*.

and in need of more caffeine before calling the Telephone Service to get a Line Installed (real life beckons us once more).

Now – are you having a delicious monday?

oh good.

do. tell.

9 thoughts on “we went to a marvel(l)ous photography workshop….

  1. oh, nooo… my comment from this morning disappeared :(
    i am very impressed by your little running-into-xyz-scenarios and in case more will occur (which i’m sure there will), i WANT to be informed!!!!
    other than that: if you know who’s doing the movie…. can i probably be in it ;)
    sending love*

    1. hello!

      which comment? gosh. do we have a hideous gremlin in the blog-software-ness? eek.

      when you come and visit we are SURE we will bump into glorious people too.

      you are magnetic, like us.

      waving from here to Berlin

      _teamgloria x

      1. that automatically leads me to the question what will happen when the two magnets that we are spend time together? i’m a bit scared…
        (although NYC proved that we don’t repell each other which is good)

        and i think, you don’t have a blog gizmo… i installed a new wordpress app to my phone and sent the comment from there. must’ve had something to do with that

        have a good night (i’m just getting up)

  2. I saw this just as I was drifting off to sleep last night, so I must have had a smile on my face as I drifted towards the arms of Morpheus… I think that I am going to love following your adventures in LA. It seems as though so much has happened…already! Non?

    And as for shooting in manual? Hmm. I am sloowly getting there but no matter how many times Remi has explained it to me, I STILL rely totally on “piff” or instinct to find my way. Stubborn, I am.
    *waving from Provence!*

    1. Dearest Heather

      We adore receiving your notes here ANd to who we are in RL (a Most different person ;)

      Just saving your LA tour ideas and will Act on them soonest!

      Waving at 08:52 am.

    1. Dearest D – not Convinced that everyone has the same magical experiences as Us (meaning you as well) but yes, tis a strange world over here.

      A Lot of Buddhas (should that be Buddae? )

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