saturday morning.


it is lovely Here.


we woke up early – padded into the kitchen-ette to make coffee and eat a little yogurt dip and rosemary flatbread cracker (sort of a mini 1970s mixer party for one – terribly LA, now one comes to think about it -it’s not hard to feel Themed here ;)

And then came back to bed, to read.


Admiring the collection of objets from yesterday’s frenzied five hour putting-a-home-together.

It’s now 9.21am in los angeles and someone is mowing a lawn (who has a Lawn?) Or is that the sound of a swimming pool being cleaned? Some sort of electrical motor. Pleasant enough. Oddly identifiable. One of the strange things about moving. New views. And new sounds.


We saw someone last night at a gathering of friends and he said, with a twinkle,

You certainly make life look delicious on instagram



We had No Idea until we looked at him closely and suddenly a Profile Picture came into view and a quite-lovely-photo-stream emerged in our mind’s eye.

And then we giggled.

Sort of becoming gloria for a second, you know, in RL.

Which might be the Key to our new Life here in Los Angeles.

More gloria; less panic.

You know. About what is to come or Not.

Today is beautiful.

Especially because miss jules berlin is having an Alice in Wonderland party in Berlin.

Quelle delicious and glamorous.

We are there in Spirit.

And enjoying it via the magic of instagram.

Happy Saturday, darlings.

What are your plans pour Le Weekend?

주말에 대한 계획은 무엇입니까?

That is for our friends in Korea.

We appear to have a growing number of lovely Visitors from the hermit kingdom (we started following a Very strange and beautiful group of stylish k-pop personages on instagram and we have a feeling they are dropping in to say 안녕하세요.

How nice.

7 thoughts on “saturday morning.

  1. Ooh, things seem to be taking shape. And isn’t it wonderful, that frisson when the veil between the virtual and real dissolves?
    Here, here to less panic. Does it ever do any good? Not really. Perhaps to push one towards making a deadline but even then adrenaline could do the job. No panic does not seem to go with my (rather hazy) images of LA while Gloria very may well be her champion…
    Bon Dimanche!

  2. you were truly with us in spirit….
    all the time.
    although it would have been better if you’d really been with us cause you would’ve love it.

    also, everytime somebody sees a chandelier we are like. “we have to take a photo for teamgloria.” i heard that several times yesterday.

    i also LOVE that you are starting to get settled now. it all looks so cozy and happy there, it makes me wanna hang out with you with a cup of tea.

    waving from berlin, still a bit tired but off to have a family/friend breakfast now.

    <3 <3 <3

  3. Instagram. I have yet to discover it (concerned that will be one more thing pulling me away from other Critical Things?) – and – I do not possess Current Technology phone-photo-wise. Anachronistic, I know.

    An environment conducive to less panic. Worth contemplating.

    And if it isn’t a matter of environment?

    The weekend? A little reading for me later, I hope. A book. A Real Book. Dog-eared, tangible, able to be marked up and carried around in ways that honor the work and vision it took to create it. Nothing against the e-sort; only, when it comes to certain Goodies, a preference for the printed page.

    좋은 하루 되세요

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